Sunday, January 30, 2011

"60 Minutes" on January 30, 2011

On "60 Minutes" on January 30, 2011, Steve Kroft looks into the world of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The interview was conducted in the English countryside, where Assange is under house arrest. Kroft to Assange: you were screwing with the forces of nature. The second story was on jaguars in Brazil.

Kroft started by saying "you've been called a lot of names." There was allusion to wikileaks being related to upheavals in Kenya and Tunisia. Biden was quoted: Assange a high tech terrorist. Kroft suggested few in the US thought Assange was a terrorist. Wikileaks is more of an online electronic drop-box. Assange said the US does not have the technology to take the wikileaks site down. The initial splash of wikileaks: Video of US Apache helicopter. In Nov. 2010, disclosure of State Dept. cables. Assange suggesting: we (the US) are supporting illegitimate authority. We don't go after particular organizational groups. We publish material that is likely to have significant impact. Relationship of Assange to the New York Times. Charge: Afghan documents were publicized without redacting individual names. Assange: our founding values are those of the American Revolution. Holder announced DoJ conducting a criminal investigation. It's about "keeping the illusion of control." Assange: No case of prosecuting a publisher under the 1917 Espionage Act. Assange: Publishers must be free to publish.

The second segment on Assange was directed to classifying Assange and Wikileaks. Assange prefers to be called a libertarian. Wikileaks prefers to make raw data available to the public. Assange attended 37 different schools. Knowing what is possible for other people to do. Wau Holland Foundation. Wikileaks took in about 1.3 million last year. Wikileaks needs to keep its sources secret. Kroft: you're a publisher and you're an activist. We are free press. We are about giving people the information they need. The issue of a poison pill. Discussion of Bank of America information. When you see victims elevated, that's pleasureable. Kroft: who's the check on you? Assange: our sources. This organization cannot survive for more than a few months without the support of the public.


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