Sunday, December 26, 2010

CBS Sunday Morning on December 26, 2010

Sadly, KYW pre-empted "CBS Sunday Morning" for stories on the coming snowstorm/blizzard and a press conference from Michael Nutter, Philly mayor. Lots of Skype from Kate Bilo in the mobile weather lab. Nutter materialized at 9:19am. Expecting a major winter storm event. Declared a snow emergency for 2pm on Dec. 26. The emergency operation center to be activated at noon Dec. 26. Nutter noted, as best we know, the Eagles-Vikings game is still on. Can't park on snow emergency route after 2pm or your car "will be relocated." Philly residents have to clear sidewalks to at least 36" within 6 hours after the end of the storm. 215-232-1982 for the homeless outreach center. You can follow the emergency operation center on twitter. KYW cut Nutter off at 9:25am.

Viewers were retuned to Patel of Interfaith Youth Corps. "Religion as a force for good." Just ahead: holiday movies.

"Lost in Translation" began the segment "Room Service" on Chateau Marmont. "The Hollywood Hotel," the perfect place to hang-out and act out. The chateau is about discretion and privacy. "Welcome to the Hotel California" (Eagles). Sophia Coppola: Somewhere. Hotel started in 1929. Jim Belushi found dead in 1982 in a bungalow. Atmosphere like a stage set from a familiar old movie. Gothic-glamor. Led Zeppelin/motorcycle. Rough around the edges. Pole dancers from room service? Discrete hideaway with imperfect perfection.

"On her Toes" on Darci Kistler of New York City Ballet. Started ballet in elementary school. Joined NYC ballet at 16, picked by George Ballanchine. "Mr. B." Peter Martin. Baby Bunheads. Earlier in 2010, Darci gave her final performance at age 46.

David Edelstein said the best time to go to the movies is between Christmas and New Years. He did not like "Tron Legacy" or "little Fockers" (making asses of theselves). Previously, recommended The King's Speech and The Fighter.
Black Swan: Brilliantly made dumb movie. I love you Phillip Morris. Rabbit Hole. True Grit: happily defies categorization.

Pulse. 67% will NOT spend a vacation away from home this winter.

Time for looking back. Hail and Farewell. Dennis Hopper was first. Easy Rider. Don't Just Stand There; Kill Something.
Alexander Haig. Eric Segal/Love Story. Ted Sorenson (words written in partnership). Lena Horne. Fess Parker. Art Cloakie. Gumby. Louise Bougeois. Glen Bell. Jimmy Dean. Leslie Nielsen. Peter Graves. Vernon Baker (April 1945; 52 years later got Medal of Honor). Mit Gies (Diary of Anna Frank). 500 service members have died in 2010. Jeffrey Burbage (astronomer). Bill Powell, Jaime Escalante. Abbey Lincoln, Benjamin Hooks. Patricia Neal. Dick Francis. Garry Coleman. James MacArthur. Barbara Billingsley, Tom Bosley of Happy Days, Pernell Roberts, Stephen J. Cannell. George Blanda, Doothy Kamensheck (baseball), George Steinbrenner. Daniel Schorr, Harold Dow. Elizabeth Edwards. Jill Clayburgh, Robert Culp, Bob Guccione, Eddie Fisher, Marvin Isley, Dixie Cater, Ruc Mclanahan, Lyne Redgrave, Jean Simmons, Tony Curtis. Harvey Pekar, Stuart Udall, Dame Joan Sutherland. Don Meredith, Merlin Olsen, Bob Feller, Bobby Thomson, Blake Edwards, Robert Byrd, Ted Sevens, Charlie Wilson, Rich Holbooke, Teddy Pendergrass,, Chris Haney of trivial pursuit, Mitch Miller, John Wooen, Manute Bol, Bill Gordon (Arecibo), Kevin McCarthy (Body Snatchers), Fred Morrison (frisbee), Art Linkletter, J.D. Salinger, Solomon Burk (song),

Ben Stein, yellow tie, dark blue shirt. Season to clean out homes. Clean out resentments, grudges, anger. Give the gift of forgiveneess. Ben talked about being fired from a job he liked. Ben's weaknesses to be forgiven: Wild overeating, extravagent gestures. It will really make you feel like ho ho ho.

Pulse: 60% will NOT make New Year's Resolutions.

Punch bowl made of ice. Katie Lee on punch. Magic in a bowl. Tad Carducci. Lime sherbet. Punch is an English sailor's drink, derived from brandy. David Wondrich. He placed Irish whiskey into a punch. Punch gave us mixology, the cocktail. Punch came to the US as early as 1670. Champagne punches.

Bob Schieffer. Twas the day after Christmas. Next week: Paul Abdul.

Moment of Nature: Glacier National Park, Montana. Wolves and mountain goats and a moose and geese.

CBS notes the following stories:

COVER STORY: Photo Finish
After 75 years of color film supremacy, Kodachrome sadly fades away. Jim Axelrod shows us some final Kodachrome moments as the last lab developing the color film shuts its door.

CHATEAU MARMONT: Inside the famed Hollywood hotel, remembered for such guests as Marilyn Monroe and Johnny Depp, and made infamous as the place where John Belushi died of a drug overdose. The hotel now has top billing in Sophia Coppola's "Somewhere." Correspondent Bill Whitaker report.

DANCE: Darci Kistler, the last "Balanchine Ballerina," takes her final bows.

MOVIES: David Edelstein on holiday film fare.

HAIL AND FAREWELL: Charles Osgood pays tribute to those who have left us in 2010.


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