Sunday, December 12, 2010

"CBS Sunday Morning" on December 12, 2010

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for Sunday, December 12, 2010. Osgood started by noting there are just 13 days till Christmas. The cover story was "There's power in numbers," about online coupons [groupon]. The second story was "Tis the season," about the business of shopping, Techno-Claus. The third story was on Dick Van Dyke, done by Rita Braver. The fourth story was "Proof Positive," by Martha Teichner, on Christmas pudding. Russ Mitchell on Elton John. John James Audobon.

Headlines: Major storm in the upper midwest. Terrorism in Stockholm, Sweden. Deadly day in Afghanistan. Mark Madoff suicide. Funeral of Elizabeth Edwards in Raleigh, NC ("consistent source of wisdom...prints, solids") Richard Holbrook. Two official photographs of Prince William/Kate Middleton. Heisman trophy. Army/Navy, 31-17.

Forecast. Snow in midwest, rain in northeast.

The body of the show began with Osgood noting that Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme has claimed another victim, son Mark. The news report was a recycle of a report which appeared on CBS Nightly News on Saturday Dec. 11. Mention of the suit by Irving Picard. The Madoff story was followed by a preview of the auction of the Audobon book.

Osgood introduced a story by Rebecca Jarvis on "Power in Numbers," which began with a shot of Chicago's Montgomery Ward building, a symbol of times past. Andrew Mason of GroupOn. You sign up for groupon and every morning you get an email with a coupon. At age 28 (2 years ago), Mason started the idea. GroupON turned down a $6 billion buyout offer from Google. Now has $40 million subscribers. Competitor Living Social has 10 million subscribers. "Club A" steakhouse. Business takes half; groupon takes half of the revenue from the coupons. Merchants can get customers in the door. Ricardo Rojas of a Manhattan hair solon. It's about the client that you meet and the client that you keep. I can pay for something, but if it's not good. Cafe owner in Portland: cut price so much that it almost put her out of business. Living Socail Tim O'Shaunassy. Living Social got $175 investment from Amazon. Christmas Tree from Santa's Forest. Linda Abraham of ComCore. The power of group buying. Pictures of Napster, MySpace, other failed companies in the GroupOn lobby. For a patent angle on GroupOn, see the previous IPBiz post Groupon and MobGob going at one another .

Sunday Morning Almanac. December 12, 2000, a divided Supreme Court decision in Bush v. Gore. David Bois represented Gore, Ted Olsen for Bush. A picture of Bob Schieffer reporting the story 10 years ago. Scalia defended the decision in a "60 Minutes" interview, but a Stevens interview on "60 Minutes" termed the decision --profoundly wrong--. Olsen and Bois were recently on the same side of a same sex marriage case in California.

Osgood introduced the Audobon story with an allusion to the birds mentioned in "The 12 days of Christmas." There are 184 birds in 12 days of Christmas, which birds would now be worth $44,000. Then a discussion of the Audobon book auction. British bird watcher Lindow. "Birds of America" There are 11 copies in private hands. Audobon migrated to England after the books in 1826. Then sold subscriptions to books. Documented 25 new bird species. Eskimo curly. 6 million 500,000 pounds (over 10 million dollars) paid by a British dealer.

Elton John and Leon Russell's "Reunion" by Russ Mitchell. Russell played nightclubs in Oklahoma at age 14. Joe Cocker's Mad Dogs and Englishmen. "A song for you." John's favorite piano player: Leon Russell. Tina Rose: daughter of Leon Russell. Elvis Costello's cable interview show two years ago. African safari with iPod full of Leon Russell. Phone call: would you like to do a record. 4 days/ 10 songs. National tour. "Very comforting to have such a champion." I could have been sick; I could have died. "The hands of angels." --He has his pride back.-- See also USAToday of 18 Oct 2010: Elton John forges artistic 'Union' with Leon Russell

"Beads of courage." Jean Baruch, developed the first Beads of Courage, Inc. program while working on her PhD in Nursing at the University of Arizona, College of Nursing. Give beads to children fighting cancer. Kids were seeking something tangible. Stickers were not enough, disposible. Arizona home to the bead museum. Each bead color represents a specific experience: White, blue, yellow, red, brown (hair loss). Help children tell the story of their own illness. Aflac cancer center in Atlanta. 10,000 children diagnosed with cancer. The anchor represents friends, family, caregivers. Program began at Phoenix Children's Hospital. Like little Purple Hearts. Like beads of life.

David Pogue of the NY Times on "tis the season." It's all tech, might be simpler to write them a check. iPad. Case for iPad, 135. Mug in shape of camera lens. Scrabble flash cubes, $30. NookColor $250. Blankeez, iArm.

Dick van Dyke has his 85th birthday on December 13, 2010. Was to give Geffen Playhouse performance. Step in Time. Cancelled, injured his achilles tendon. Van Dyke grew up in Danville, IL, but now lives in Malibu. Host of CBS "The Morning Show," with newsman Walter Cronkite. Game show host "Mothers Day." Auditioned for Bye, Bye Birdie. Then "The Dick Van Dyke Show." Capri pants of Mary Tyler Moore. Show ended after 5 years. Disney personally picked him for May Poppins. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. What about the hooter (nose). Stan Laurel. I've stolen from you over the years. 1969: The Comic on an alcoholic entertainer. 1993: Diagnosis Murder. Michelle Triolo (Lee Marvin, palimony suit). Morey Amsterdam lyrics, Mr. Trouble.

What to serve as a Christmas dessert? Hidden Orange Christmas Pudding. Candied orange pudding. Heston Blumenthal and Delia Smith of Waitrose. Great Pudding Race in London. Pudding Man in plexiglass. Stirup Sunday, last Sunday before advent (Nov. 21)
Coles Traditional Foods makes pudding for Harrods. 30 million puddings every year. 90% eat pudding over holidays. Soupy porridge. More recently buckets of fruit. Most puddings don’t have figs. Abundance of alcohol. Made with old beer.
Champaign brandy. Rum/double cream. Nigella Kitchen of Nigella Lawson. Steam long enough. Flaming the pudding.

Pulse: Poll as to spending for Christmas. 39% less 51% same spending on Christmas

Moment of nature: Beavers on the Gooseberry River in Two Harbors, Minnesota.


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