Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Boise State and the BCS: is proprietary the way to go?

Boise State leaped over LSU for a spot in the final top ten.

How? An error in computer calculations. Spotted only because the formulae were NOT proprietary.

Rivals.yahoo wrote:

What matters, as Palm writes, isn't that there was a mistake (of course there are occasional mistakes) but that it took an outsider to find it. And it was only possible to find it because Colley is the only one of the six BCS computer poll masters who makes his method available to the public. The other formulas are closely guarded as "proprietary" information. Monday's update was the first post facto revision of the standings in the 13-year existence of the BCS, meaning either a) There has never been a similar "glitch" in the computer polls; b) The glitch(es) have never affected the final outcome, and have been revised without notice; or c) The glitches have never been caught, because no one is looking at the numbers.


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