Saturday, December 25, 2010

Apple's 20100321253: a trademark as a patent claim element?

Claim 1 of Apple's published US application 20100321253 :

An electronic device with a logo antenna, comprising:a conductive housing wall;a dielectric logo structure in the conductive housing wall that serves as a dielectric antenna window for the logo antenna; and an antenna resonating element for the logo antenna that is mounted behind the dielectric logo structure, so that radio-frequency antenna signals pass from the antenna resonating element through the dielectric logo structure.

From the "summary":

[0006]A logo antenna may transmit and receive radio-frequency antenna signals through a dielectric window mounted in a housing wall. The logo antenna may have an antenna resonating element structure such as a patch antenna resonating element. The dielectric antenna window may serve as a logo. The dielectric antenna window may, for example, have the shape of a logo or may contain appropriate text or other visual logo attributes.

[0007]The logo antenna may be provided with a conductive antenna cavity. The cavity may have vertical sidewalls and a planar rear surface or may have other suitable cavity shapes. The antenna resonating element may be interposed between the dielectric antenna window and the antenna cavity. The antenna cavity may help isolate the logo antenna from the electronic components within the housing. With one suitable arrangement, the antenna cavity may be interposed between the antenna resonating element and the display, so that the rear wall of the antenna cavity lies parallel to the exposed planar face of the logo-shaped dielectric antenna window and the display.

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