Friday, November 19, 2010

President Aquino obliquely backs UP Law over Supreme Court in Castillo matter

In a speech before a reunion of UP Law alumni, President Benigno Aquino III included remarks, which when translated, come across as:

(It is not always easy to follow the straight path. We have the same view regarding this. You should not lie. You should not copy. And you should not steal or use others' works without their authors' permission or proper attribution.)

(Those who want to freely express their opinions and expose the truth should not be threatened by those in power. Rules that have long been existing should not be used to cover up the faults of those who lost their way.)

(I am one with the UP Law, especially with its 37 members, in their advocacy to straighten the crooked path.)

[from GMA News]

These remarks would seem to favor the position of the law professors who have criticized the Philippine Supreme Court.

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