Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pat Choate on S.515 in the lame-duck session

Pat Choate suggests the elements of S.515 might be hidden in some other bill during the lame-duck session:

One that we do know that advocates will probably try to tuck into some bill will be S. 515, the Patent Reform Act. The big tech advocates have unsuccessful tried to get this legislation enacted on its merits since 2006. Faced with a similar situation a decade ago, these advocates slipped the Patent Act of 1999 into the Appropriations legislation. Most Senators never even knew that their vote on appropriations also included major changes in U.S. patent law.

IPBiz thinks the current patent reform efforts started in 2005.

Lawrence B. Ebert, Patent Reform 2005: Sound and Fury Signifying What?, THE NEW JERSEY LAW JOURNAL, July 18, 2005, PP 9-11

Lawrence B. Ebert, Patent Reform 2005: Can. You Hear Me, Major Tom?, IPT, pp. 32-34 (June 2005)


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