Thursday, November 18, 2010

Macaw makes cameo in CSI "Wild Life" episode

In the "Wild Life" episode of CSI on November 18, a blue & gold macaw makes an initial appearance as a potential murder victim and as a potential witness to the murder of two humans. [No, it wasn't Lex Luther:
Lex Luther challenges Howard Berman on patent reform, HR 1908

One line from the show about the silent macaw: What's the point of having a parrot if it doesn't talk?

The macaw was indeed involved in the two human deaths. Mr. Irwin was in the shower with the macaw, and the cat attacked. Mr. Irwin hit his head on the shower, got knocked out, and drowned in water which pooled by the clogged drain. The macaw, agitated, flew out, landed on Mrs. Irwin's head. Mrs. Irwin had been was handling a knife and impaled herself. The parrot caused Mrs. Irwin's death, sort of. The macaw went back into the cage after the violence. It is true that some macaws can open and shut the doors to their cages.

The last scene in the show stars the macaw, who illustrates removing the phone receiver, dialing 911, and yelling "help me, help me." [The macaw did bite the CSI guy and draw blood, tho macaws are more inclined to strike (not bite) at first, and, when they bite, are more apt to go transverse to the finger axis (to really grab) than longitudinal to the finger axis (which is awkward for their large beaks). Separately, the shots of scalp damage on Mrs. Irwin from the head landing by the macaw were a bit unlikely to arise from a head landing.]


Marg Helgenberger gives a confession as to having been rufied.

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I think this season has been kind of mediocre, but this was an excellent episode. Loved that scene when Langston and Mick go to the adult slumber party at the Pillow Club to question the bartender – great mix of imagery, music, and dialogue (Mark Ronson’s “Bang Bang Bang” is one of my favorite dance songs…glad it had Q-Tip & MNDR). The scene is viewable at

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