Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kardashians Kut Konnection to "Kardashian Kard"

Because there was no confusion of source here, the "Kardashian Kard" had to go.

The lawyer got to the problem:

"The Kardashians have worked extremely long and hard to create a positive public persona that appeals to everyone, particularly young adults," says the letter from Dennis Roach, legal counsel of Dash Dolls LLC, which represents the three sisters. "Unfortunately, the negative spotlight turned on the Kardashians."

CT Attorney General Blumenthal got into the act:

"Keeping up with the Kardashians is impossible with this card, where consumers lose money before they use money. Even before consumers spend a dime, the Kardashian Kard fees swallow the card's value," Blumenthal said in a statement Monday after news that the Kardashians were cutting ties to the card.

And there was advice to celebrity "sponsors":

"Any other celebrity or business that is thinking of associating its name with a prepaid card should take a close look at the fees and protections, and say 'no thanks' unless the fees are low and the missing consumer protections are added," Gail Hillebrand, director of Consumers Union's Defend Your Dollars campaign, said after hearing Monday's news.

Quotes from finance.yahoo.


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