Friday, November 12, 2010

CSI: NY does ghosts in Central Park

Ghosts around the 72nd St. entrance to (east) Central Park?
The writers invoked the legend that, during the winter months of the year,
the ghosts of two sisters (Rosetta and Janet Van der Voort) haunt the Wollman Ice Rink.
Ghosts in Belvedere Castle were also mentioned.

Of the CSI storyline, Isabelle Wild, victim number one, died from nitrous oxide
(interacting with antidepressants), in spite of the
initial observation that she was frightened to death. A key break in the case was
non thermogenic mortician's makeup found on the body. The crime scene for death number
1 was a funeral home.

Ronnie (Carver) Parker, victim number two, was Police Chief Ted Carver's sister.
[Ted Carver played by John Laroquette ] This case turned out to a serious identity theft

A line at the end: Maybe all these ghost stories are getting my sixth sense working overtime.

As to the conclusion of the stories, wait till 19 Nov.


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