Thursday, November 11, 2010

CSI does Cable Spings, NV and natural gas drilling

CSI on 11 Nov 2010 suggested, but did not prove or resolve, bad actions of a gas drilling company, ConservoSolutions.

The action of the 11 Nov 2010 CSI took place in the fictional Cable Springs, but with a zip code 89027, the zip for Mesquite. [1903 Old Ranch Road is one of the addresses].

ConservoSolutions is the implied villain of the piece. Bill Gibson's water contained methane, and burned when lit with a torch. [Contemplate the Henry's Law coefficient for methane in water!] Richard Adams ran the safety inspections, and knew of the problem and ended up dead. Fracking--Hydraulic fracturing--was the problem with the drilling fluid including fumaric acid, barite, etc. that were carcinogens. The poor people of Cable Springs who injested water with the fluid developed metastatic carcinoma. There was a line in the show--Since 2005, gas companies have not been bound by the Clean Water Act.

As to intellectual property, the topic of nondisclosure agreements arose, with the threat of loss of a pension for violation of the NDA. But, there was the delivery of a goat's head to the possible violator, which probably wasn't part of the NDA.

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composition of additives in fracking fluid

Super Fracking. Of relevance to the balls:

The company also is trying to speed up the fracking process. Wells usually are fracked in steps, as plastic balls are dropped down to plug the well at various stages and isolate different zones for fracking. It can take days to get a drilling rig to the site and fish out conventional frack balls, which can get stuck over the course of 20 or 30 preparation phases in a typical well before production can begin. With land-based rigs renting for up to $30,000 a day, reducing such delays is critical. So Baker Hughes has developed disintegrating balls, which turn into powder “like an Alka-Seltzer” after a couple of days, says Rustom Mody, vice-president for technology.


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