Wednesday, November 24, 2010

CIRM: publications, not cures, are the primary output

The californiastemcellreport mentioned an article by Jack Dolan in the LA Times:

Dolan wrote,

"Under (CIRM Chairman Robert Klein's) stewardship, the agency has funded research leading to hundreds of scientific papers, but scientists say marketable therapies for maladies such as cancer, Alzheimer's and spinal cord damage promised during the campaign remain years, if not decades, away."

Duh, this is supposed to be a newsflash?

LBE comment to californiastemcellreport on 24 Nov. 2010:

Of the matter of California taxpayers getting scientific papers, not cures, for their money, recall the text in IPBiz:

More importantly, the iZumi story illustrates why the CIRM approach to intellectual property (and on return on investment to California taxpayers) is fundamentally flawed. The most promising stem cell research areas will be privately funded, and disconnected from CIRM. California taxpayers won't get a return on these efforts, but will get an accounting of papers published on secondary or derivative work. Voters in New Jersey figured out that the NJ stem cell bond was more about academic empire building than about cures, and just said no, producing the first rejected NJ bond proposal in years. Maybe they figured something out that Californians are missing.


The patent world of iPS (stem cells): Yamanaka, Bayer, and iZumi


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