Sunday, November 28, 2010

CBS Sunday Morning on November 28, 2010

Charles Osgood previewed the stories for "CBS Sunday Morning" on November 28, 2010. The first previewed story, the cover story, was titled "Where's Molly"", and was said to be about family secrets. The second previewed story was by Peter Greenburg on volunteers, with the preview mentioning that three quarters of fire fighters are volunteers. The third previewed story was by Bill Whittaker on Lionel Ritchie, who knew music was his calling when he joined the Commodores 40 years ago. The fourth previewed story was on a secret shared (by Rita Braver) on how a letter from December 1933 showed life issues in Canton, Ohio. There was mention of Katie Couric interviewing Colin Firth, and "Fast Draw" on warranties.

Of the news for November 28, 2010, Terry McCarthy did an extended piece on the would-be bomber in Portland, Oregon. There was a display of a headline in The Oregonian. The perpetrator had been under surveillance since 2009 and apparently acted alone. Portland was selected as a target because it was not seen as a place where anything will happen. The perp said the "New York Times will give it two thumbs up." The second news story was on the situation in Korea. North Korea has placed missiles on the border. The third news piece mentioned that retail sales were up 3/10 of 1% over Black Friday one year ago. The fourth story mentioned another release from Wikileaks. The fifth story was about Obama's 12 stitches from the basketball injury. Obama attended game of Oregon State, coached by wife's brother.

As to weather: soggy and cold in northeast.

The cover story was "Where's Molly?" John Blackstone discussed the Daly family history. When he was five, Jeff's sister Molly disappeared. Cindy Thompson grew up with Jeff in Oregon. She was sent away. It would take 10 years to find out. Within 24 hours of father Jack's death, Molly was located in Hillsboro, Oregon. Jeff was then 52 years old. 1957: Oregon Fairview Home. Molly was in a film about Oregon Fairview (founded in 1907) was for the mentally disabled. James Trenton is a professor who sutdies history of "mentally retarded;" in 1950s, advice was to place in institution.. Concept of "institutional retardation." Jeff's father was an executive at Bumble Bee Foods, and he created a troop of clowns that visited Fairview. Jeff is a free lance cameraman who has done a film "Where's Molly?" [Jeff sometimes has worked for CBS.]

Almanac. Remembering Garry Moore. Nov. 28, 1993, Gary Moore died. Launched Carol Burnett's career. I've Got a Secret. The perfect tv houseguest. Be kind to each other.

Andy Borowitz was featured in the first in a new series "wit and wisdom." Now, does a little bit of standup and what he wants to do. The author of the Borowitz Report. Karzai traded to Minnesota Vikings. Writes for New Yorker. David Remick is editor: if anything absurd happens, Andy Borowitz will hit it on the head. Shaker Heights High School. I was popular within the group of unpopular kids. Was president of Harvard Lampoon; graduated in 1980 and went to Hollywood. Writing for Carroll O'Connor, who had #1 parking spot. "THe Facts of Life." Andy Borowitz was tapped by NBC to turn Will Smith into a star. Pleasantville with Reese Witherspoon. In 1995, Borowitz quit Hollywood. The "hedonic treadmill." Enormously successful but not terribly happy. Worst fear in Hollywood: becoming a forgotten purpose. Gutsy. "Well thank you Harry."

Peter Greenburg did a piece on volunteer fire fighters. 3/4 of firefighters are volunteers. Emmitsburg, MD is home of the national fire academy. Steven (Peanut) Kasur (St. Anne, Ws) was honored. A dumpster fire killed Kasur. 800 of 870 fire departments in Wisconsin are volunteers. $37 billion is saved per year by having volunteers. Hudson, NY museum of fire fighting. Peter Stuyvesant. "It's part of our culture." Andy Siegel responded to a call for his son, who died on the scene.

Holiday movies. Get a gander at the Oscar bait. Colin Firth playing George VI. Timing isn't my strong suit. Give the monarch an emotional enema. Second, "The Fighter." They could be contenders. Natalie Portman in Backswan. Give you a drugged experience. Line between hypnotic and stupefing is thin. Re-make of True Grit. Blow some new holes in the Western genre.

Katie Couric talks with Colin Firth of The King's Speech (George VI; Prince Albert). King Edward the 8th abdicated. A debilitating stammer. The courage with which he deals with the struggle. Lionel Loag (Jeffrey Rush) is the speech therapist. Of prior doctors: They are idiots; They've all been knighted.

Fast Draw: Buying extended warranties. The only thing they can guarantee you is a profit for someone else. That bet is a longshot. Tod Marks of Consumer Reports: it doesn't make economic sense to buy an extended warranty.

Next was Bill Whitaker's Sunday Profile on Lionel Ritchie. Mention of "Just Go." Akob. Golden Globe, Oscar, and five Grammies. Ritchie was at Tuskegee, planning to be an accountant. Closing 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. He went home to care for his ailing father, who died in 1990. Ritchie remains a huge hit in Europe. Are you Nicole Ritchie's dad? Famous: it consumes you. I'm slowing it down and enjoying the ride. Of course, the lines I'm easy like Sunday morning.

Ben Stein on Charlie Rangel. Rangel's misdeeds seem like trivial matters. He is a genuine American hero, fighting his way out in Korea, where he got a bronze star with V for valor. Erudition and fairness. Truly great man laid low by trivial matters. "To me, he is still a hero."

Pulse. Most thankful for family 49%.

Rita Braver on "a secret shared." Ted Gup's mother gave him a suitcase in 2008. Letters from Dec. 1933. Addressed to B. Virdot. A portal on the great depression as it affected Canton, Ohio. People were being laid off left and right. Nothing to catch these people as they fell. An ad in the Canton newspaper solicited letters. B. Virdot was an invention, an amalgamation of the names: Barbara, Virginia, and Dorothy. Ted Gup started tracking down the descendants of the letter writers. Only one letter writer (now 91) is still alive, and was 14 when she wrote. Gup's grandfather (Sam Stone) was born in Romania, arriving in US in 1902, but told everyone he was born in Pittsburgh. He went into clothing business. In Canton in 2010, an offer of $100 for folks in need in the spirit of B. Virdot.

Moment of nature. Montana's Flathead Valley, with ["very thankful"] wild turkeys.


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