Sunday, November 14, 2010

CBS Sunday Morning on November 14, 2010

Charles Osgood gave the preview of stories: earliest words to a young child: don't forget to wash your hands; David Pogue does the cover story on the art and science of washing your hands. The second story (Axelrod) was on George Bush's book. Living the afterlife or promised land. Story 3 was by Katie Couric on Diane Keaton: you don't get the part because you are too kookie. Bill Geist on Miles Rowan about corduroy. Jeff Greenfield on Gary Trudeau [Doonesbury turns 40]

Headlines for November 14, 2010: President Obama on route home; now in Alaska. Aung San Suu Kyi now free in Myamar. Rahm Emanual announces. 93 year old Za back home. Items from Bernie Madoff auctioned. Snow in the Great Lakes.

First story. Conflicting advice on washing your hands. Singing through "Happy Birthday" twice while washing your hands. Example with simulated germ lotion which glows under UV light. Fingertips are a problem. Soap vs. alcohol rubs. Put fingers in culture after much touching of germs. Soap vs. Purell: they are about the same. Chris Nunez was at J&J; J&J sold Purell last month. Ethanol works by disrupting the bacteria cell membrane. Guardian Technologies on air purifiers. UV light. Not everybody agrees on treating germs. Dr. Mary Ruebush wrote "Why Dirt is Good." Memory cells: train your body not to get sick the next time. Lupus, etc., happens when your body attacks itself. You have to exercise your immune system. Don't use antibacterial soap; kills the easy bacteria; leaves behind the dangerous bacteria. Punchline: from now on, I'll just wash one hand. [As tp Purell, see Gojo buys back Purell hand sanitizer from J&J : Ohio-headquartered Gojo has repurchased its Purell hand sanitizer brand from Johnson & Johnson with the aim of driving growth in the consumer markets with innovation.(...) The first consumer product was launched in the late 90s and the brand sold to Pfizer-owned Warner-Lambert in 2004. It was later acquired by J&J when the company acquired Pfizer’s consumer healthcare sector. According to Gojo spokesperson Joe Drenik, the company originally sold the brand as it believed a consumer marketing company could build it in the consumer segment more successfully; although, Gojo continued to take care of Purell in the professional sector. ]

Sunday Morning Almanac: November 14, 1948, the birth of Prince Charles. 1969 became Prince of Wales; wedding in 1981. Divorce in 1996, Long waits the Prince.

Jeff Greenfield on Doonesbury. 22 year old Trudeau at Yale in 1970. Dispatches from the front lines of the counterculture.
Book: A Doonesbury Retrospective. Bull Tales. B.D. Zonker, Joanie Caucus. Watching a generation come of age. Maybe there is room on the comic strip for something like Doonesbury. In 1983, 20 month sabbatical. Then characters went into the real world. Not a case of art imitating life. Married to Jane Pauley; they were introduced by Tom Brokaw. Brian Walker on Trudeau. BD missing a leg in Iraq, missing his element. Trudeau: Newspapers may go off a cliff before my characters do.

Jim Axelrod talked the Bushes in Texas. On Jan. 20, 2009, nobody was more ready for George Bush to move on than George Bush. Living the afterlife in the promised land. George and Laura are blessed with a great family and wonderful friends. No tortured soul-searching. I did not compromise principle. "Decision Points." First chapter "Quitting" about stopping drinking. My quitting did not require an extensive program. An addiction, not a genetic predisposition. Stem cell debate. "No one was more shocked or angry when we didn't find the weapons in Iraq." The liberation of Iraq not only makes America more secure but it gives 25 million Iraqis a better life. "Failure to act," as to Katrina. You took too long to decide. I got caught up in the legal system. In order to send troops, the guv must ask for them or Prez declares insurrection. Katrina was part of a narrative that began to undermine Bush. Laura: there are plenty of critics. When he came home, jigsaw puzzle or watch football on tv.
Old poster out West, wanted dead or alive. Some times plain spokenness sends wrong signals. Liberal bias in media? Conventional wisdom in media tilts left. Was Cheney running the place? One of the myths that arise. It would have been incredibly self-serving and shallow to replace Cheney. Deep seated rivalry with Dad? Picture of Siegfried and Roy on wall, but no world leaders. Bush's book won't change many minds on either side. Regret as to not finding WMD. Not bringing Bin Laden to justice. Regret "Mission Accomplished." When you're President, there are no do-overs.

Is there room for tradition in a security force? (Allan Pizzi) the Corazzieri were formed by Duke of Savoy [according to CBS Sunday Morning] as a cavalry unit. Members must be 6 foot 3 (190 cm)). Ceremonial guards for state president. Fountain of the Water Horses. The horses are from Ireland. Horse has to be 5 foot seven at the shoulders. Vespianis in the year 69. Corrazieri translates as "the shields." Pedicure and new shoes for horses every 40 days, and horses get state health care. They work for 15 to 17 years, and then retire. In contrast to "CBS Sunday Morning," wikipedia states that the unit [ Reggimento Corazzieri, previously Comando Carabinieri Guardie del Presidente della Repubblica ] was originally formed as archers, and the unit was re-founded in 1946, and organized as a cavalry squadron.

City of New Orleans by Michelle Miller. In 1960, civil rights battle, Ruby Bridges (now 56) integrated William Frantz School. Painting of Ruby by Norman Rockwell. Methodist minister (Foreman) broke ranks. Ruby went through first grade entirely by herself. [Did CBS Sunday Morning say "1950" instead of 1960?]

Text from article in the journal Science on cats drinking milk. Roman Stocker used high speed camera to study cats drinking milk. Tongue moves at 3 feet per second, the optimum for the job. At fluid mechanics, the cat is the master.

Katie Couric reprises interview with Diane Keaton. Love and Death in 1975. Annie Hall in 1977. I was a person who couldn't complete a sentence. Now: Morning Glory. Keaton: I thought I was going to a singer. At 22, Diane was in Hair. The song was "Black Boys are Delicious." I still have aspirations. Allen saw her. 1973: Keaton was a sidekick in Sleeper. Didn't start a family until age 50. Keaton: My mother was Mrs. Los Angeles. Domestic goddess. Great enabler. You're too kookie. Start in 1972 with a part in Godfather. "The wig is horrible." Had a big crush on Al Pacino. With Warren Beatty in Red; more than 60 takes for train station scene. Dexter and Duke. I liked being a daughter. The reason I didn't get married was because I would have to compromise too much. Also: I was afraid of men. I was always being turned down or overlooked. Non-stop stream of consciousness. I don't want to fly.
[For reference, of the song done by Diane Keaton in Hair, the initial lyrics from Black Boys :
Black boys are delicious
Chocolate flavored love
Licorice lips like candy
Keep my cocoa handy
I have such a sweet tooth
When it comes to love

What's in a word? Earmark. Earmarking federal money. Jim DeMint: will ban earmarks. Ban them or follow the herd?

Sunday Morning Dec. 5, 2010: you're invited to join the set of CBS Sunday Morning.

Bill Geist meets the consummate corduroy connoiseur. Man of the cloth. One love, one corduroy. Rumpled American aesthetic. Corduroy appreciation club meets every year on 11/11. Wales are the ribs on corduroy. Whales are the club's mascot. Corduroy paisley. 3500 members worldwide. Corduroy cufflinks. Jessie Thorn: coduroy forever. Note next year will be 11/11/11.

Moment of nature: Silent waters off Indonesia with pictures from NOAA. Purple colored sea slug.
Indonesia-USA Deep-Sea Exploration of the Sangihe Talaud Region


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