Sunday, November 21, 2010

"CBS Sunday Morning" does "eat, drink, and be merry" on November 21

Charles Osgood introduced the "Sunday before Thanksgiving" episode of Sunday Morning, titled Eat Drink and be merry, first with the cover story by Tracey Smith: To diet for. Second: Striking a Gourd. Martha Teichner. Third: The World in a teacup.
Katie Couric hits the replay button on Dallas, who shot JR? Bill Geist on New Orleans po boy. Mo Rocca does lunch,
Headlines: Prez Obama is back in Washington after Portugal. Alcaida of the Arabian Peninsula. Coal mine blast in New Zealand. Prof at Stanford [Siegfried Hecker ] visited North Korea. Pope on condoms.
Weather: First big blast of cold air hits northern plains.

The cover story was preceded by a warning that the food discussed is both to die for and to diet for. Tracey Smith gives food for thought. Last year, $60 billion was spent to lose weight. Rochelle Rice's yoga class. Dieting is a time honored tradition. 25 punds less at turn of Susan Yager: the hundred year diet. Horace Fletcher, get thin by chewing food. Lillian Russell, heavy ok. Everything changed in 1917. Heavy people looked at as traitors. 20s: nicotine diet. Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet. 30s: Hollywood 18 day diet. 60s: sollution looking for a problem. Metrocal. Was baby formula. Avalanche that continued to this day. Richard Simmons. There is a sucker born every minute. 95% nt based on moving and motivation. Eat less and move more. Moe than 1600 diet books sold online.

The second story was on brunch by Mo Rocca. Brunch is the most indulgent meal of the week. Which one are you: breakfast or brunch? Tell-wink Grill in Houston. Pat Forster picks breakfast. Brunch is about socializing. Houston's Back Street Cafe for brunch. Banana stuffed French toast. Mark Myer of Cookshop in New York City serves both. 13.5 billion eggs consumed at home last year.

A cornucopia on "Striking a gourd" by Martha Teichner, the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra at the INdianapolis Museum of Art. Onion skins sound like raining. Formed in 1998, what is the most difficult thing to play music on. Inventing new instruments, the weirder the better. Pumpkin percussion. Compositions written just for vegetables. Red pepper trumpet. Just throwing the cabbage around. 70 pounds of vegetables per concert.

Chef Bobby Flay talked about pumpkins. Pumpkin soup with pomegranate. First cat named Pumpkin. Pumpkin tastes ike nothing. Pumpkin is just a figurehead. Puree thinned with chicken stock. Cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice.

Pasta past and present with Allen Pizzey [Allan Pizzi] in Rome. Pasta not brought from China by Marco Polo. Semolina, water, and a lot of time. 350 shapes of pasta. Solid gold pasta cutters. The die is a trade secret of the Verrigni company. [from Verrigni website: The “golden die” created by artist Sandro Seccia has attracted the public’s attention and given Verrigni a pasta with a very different consistency than those drawn by bronze molds. ] The pasta must be slow dried at low temperature 62 pounds (per person-year, Italy) vs. 20 pounds per year (US). Pasta perfume. April 1, 1957, viewers of BBC saw an April Fool's presentation, which began in the De Chino slopes burst into flower. Past winter one of mildest in recent memory. Picture of "spaghetti crop". Spagetti cultivation in Switzerland and in Italy. Spaghettic weevil. Plant breeders succeeded in producing the perfect spaghetti. [Barini ]

Bill Geist on Po Boys. Endangered sandwich? Sandwiched In? Po-Boy Preservation Society. 45,000 devotees attended the festival. Created in 1929 during street car conductor strike. Martin Brothers. Anything on French bread, a canvas for culinary art. Justin Kennedy of Parkway Bakery. Roast beef and shrimp. Johnny's Po-Boys founded in 1950. As the po-boy goes, so goes the city.

Next was tea time. Tea is the most popular beverage in the world, next to water. 750 AD, first book on tea drinking. December 16, 1773: Boston Tea Party. Lipton was a grocer in Scotland, then got into the tea business. Elizabeth Knight. Tea at the St. Regis.

Pretzels and beer by Barry Peterson. The Philly Pretzel Factory in 1998. Philly people eat 20 pounds per year, 10X the US average of two pounds. Julius Sturgis in 1861. Pretzels go back 1400 years. Bruce Sturgis is still in the pretzel business.
Martin's Bakery staffed by Mennonites. University of California/Davis: Charlie Danforth, the professor of beer. Craft brewery. Cow town stout. Oak flavor; caramel. Pine, juniper. Andy Brown: beer can't get no respect. John Belushi in Animal House. Wnykoop. In 1809, James Madison tried to establish a national brewery.

30 years ago tonight: who shot J.R.? The sister-in-law (played by Mary Crosby) was revealed as the shooter in the 10pm episode on Nov. 21, 1980. 76 share; 350 million people worldwide.

Heinz ketchup accounts for 60% of sales. salty, sweet, sour, bitter and umami . Now, Heinz is cutting salt and Hunt's is cutting corn syrup.

Cheesecake. Juniors Cafe in Brooklyn. Harry Rosen Way (DeKalb). Cato described cheesecake. Philadelphia Cream Cheese. Popular in 1920s. Pinup girls called cheesecake girls. Isgro in Philadelphia since 1904. Naples, Fl: edible gold. [Anna Hutchens' company, SaborAM, in Naples, Fla., makes wine and champagne cheesecakes. Her gold-topped cakes are sold in the extravagant Neiman Marcus catalog. ] Saks Fifth Avenue. Nancy Giles on coffee: 4 cups of coffee before exam. Maxwell House wife. Sanka. Mr. Coffee. James Feeman, blue bottle coffee. Cupping: make it mad. Brown noser. Slurping. Coffee, water, time. [IPBiz: recall text earlier in the show: semolina, water, and a lot of time. ] Say Cheesecake!

Moment of nature: Changing colors in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina.

Wishing a bountiful Thanksgiving.


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