Monday, October 04, 2010

On invention vs. innovation

From TechDirt, on the difference between invention and innovation:

Again, this highlights the difference between invention (believing that you alone have come up with the perfect idea for a great product) and innovation (the ongoing iterative process of going back and forth with the market to test and understand what the market wants and how to make your product meet their needs). By focusing so much on the invention, Segway missed the real opportunity for innovation, and that's caused all sorts of problems for the company.

Reading TechDirt can be hazardous to mental health, but it is funny.

From the comment thread at TechDirt:

Eight years old for a new product is still "brand-new." How about diesel engines, which took four or five DECADES before real market success? How about airplanes, that took twenty years for initial practicality, and another decade or so before commercial flights began to be considered routine. How about microwaves, that were first created in the 1950's, but took until the 1980's to achieve widespread success.


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