Monday, October 04, 2010

In Saskatoon, "Plagiarism Isn't So Bad, Sorta."

NAOMI LAKRITZ of THE CALGARY HERALD satirizes a decision of Saskatoon school officials not to punish student plagiarists.
IPBiz notes Joe Biden was given an F at Syracuse Law School when caught plagiarizing.

Naomi's article includes the text:

Because I'll be gone with the wind to Saskatoon, where the new motto, at least for the public school board there, appears to be "Plagiarism Isn't So Bad, Sorta."

According to the National Post, which, I'm assuming, didn't copy this story from somewhere else -- ha, ha -- high school students in Saskatoon no longer risk getting a failing mark or even so much as a scolding if they hand in plagiarized work.

See earlier IPBiz post:


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