Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"The Good Wife" reprises the blue dress

"Four hours to decide if we sue the most beloved Democrat in America." In the show, this is one "Joe Kent," Nobel Prize winner.

The issue is what happened during a VIP massage session at a Chicago hotel. As one line --> Special attention to the adductor, as a proxy for sexual contact.

"Great men like video games."
"Lipstick on a champagne glass."
"I'm going to show you something but I still have to decide if I'm going to do this." right before disclosure of an incriminating towel (text: "uncontrolled emission" (antecedent: the blue dress)

The show has a fist fight between two lawyers, one of which is Will.

The goal is not to have heros.

At the end of the show, the victim walks away from the case-->

"People don't want to believe this about him. Thanks."


Vernon Jordan does a cameo.

from Letterman: "Yes we can" changed to "We thought we could."

****In passing, on Katie Couric

Katie Couric, On the Move :

her newscast remains mired in third place—tying a 20-year low in August, with 4.89 million viewers, during a trip to Afghanistan. (...)

Couric has some prominent detractors at CBS News. But Moonves, the only person whose vote counts, remains close to her, and she has developed a stronger relationship with CBS News President Sean McManus.


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