Thursday, October 07, 2010

Fraudster Radhakrishnan discusses fraud in The Scientist

Suresh Radhakrishnan who worked at the Mayo Clinic AND who was fired for scientific misconduct in May 2010 presents a piece in The Scientist titled Opinion: How to prevent fraud .

Aspects of peer review came in for criticism in the opinion piece:

As the success of scientists depends largely on the number of manuscripts they publish, it can be extremely frustrating to have one's journal submissions rejected, particularly when the rejection does not appear to be scientifically justified -- an occurrence that is unfortunately not uncommon with the current peer review system. This, along with the enormous strain on researchers to publish the data rapidly, can potentially lead to compromises in the integrity of their research.

Recently, commendable novel approaches have been adopted by some journals, including revealing the names of the reviewers or blinding the names of the authors, to increase objectivity in scientific publishing (see The Scientist's recent feature for a review). These approaches minimize prejudices while encouraging constructive criticism, which shall serve to increase the quality of the work and reduce the occurrence of research misconduct.

Of the retraction itself, note the text:

An investigation by the Mayo Clinic has determined that one of the researchers in Professor Pease's laboratory at the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Suresh Radhakrishnan, tampered with another investigator's experiment with the intent to mislead toward the conclusion that the B7-DCXAb reagent has cell activating properties.

See Retraction:Indirect Recruitment of a CD40 Signaling Pathway in Dendritic Cells by B7-DC Cross-Linking Antibody Modulates T Cell Functions.

The journal: PLoS One. 2010; 5(3): 10.1371/annotation/36ac4b2c-cf27-41d9-90e2-e5d58d307896.
Published online 2010 March 3. doi: 10.1371/annotation/36ac4b2c-cf27-41d9-90e2-e5d58d307896.

***See also More Retractions, More Misconduct which gives a list of OTHER papers of Radhakrishnan which were retracted and concludes with an allusion to PATENTS:

He has other publications and patents that may have some issues as well. Stay tuned.

Recall Lucent/Bell Labs was quick to retract Jan Hendrik Schon's patent applications, and not so quick to retract the journal articles. There were issues with patent applications in the matter of Hwang Woo Suk.


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