Monday, October 18, 2010

Digital ‘‘truth’’ can only be comprehensively trumped by hard-copy evidence?

Gordon Farrer writes:

Never has so much information been available to so many people; but never has so much information been so dodgy. Plagiarised articles, inaccurate information, poorly researched writing, fiction presented as fact, conspiracy theories passing as history ... it’s all there.

In the old days — say, a decade ago — people could take for granted that material published in a book, newspaper or magazine had gone through a process to check it for accuracy. That's why the printed word was held in such high esteem.

Hmmm.... Mark Lemley wrote in the Stanford Law Review that Gary Boone invented the integrated circuit, and no one at Stanford checked the statement for accuracy.

Farrer also wrote of plagiarism of work originally done by one Danny Katz. The two posts below discuss a different plagiarism, one of which the ezine of the original article didn't care.

"This blatant rip-off is unacceptable, even for a blogger."

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