Sunday, October 03, 2010

CBS Sunday Morning on October 3, 2010

Charles Osgood started with the suicide of Tyler Clementi of Rutgers. Jim Axelrod previewed the story which noted that suicide is the third leading killer of youth (segment title: "Before their time"). Anthony Mason does "Coming Together" on a Lennon family reunion (Sean and Julian). The third preview was Dog Whisperer by Lesley Stahl on a dog psychology center (her dog Parker goes there). The fourth story by Russ Mitchell was on Legos. Stories about the passing of Tony Curtis, Philip Roth, and the Flintstones were also previewed.

News: Threats of attack by Osama bin Laden. Tribute to Tyler Clementi. Supreme Court beginning new term tomorrow; Elena Kagan. Weather forecast: sunshine for most of the country.

Axelrod's story started at the Golden Gate Bridge with Kevin Heinz. More than 1300 people have killed themselves by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. Heinz is one of thirty who jumped off the bridge and lived. The story switched to Rutgers student Clementi. Axelrod's story comprised a number of soundbytes. Suicide: "A permanent solution to a temporary problem." The concept of "means reduction." At the Golden Gate Bridge, a proposal for a $45 million net. Story switched to Cornell University. Underlying mental health issues. Take away the stigma of seeking mental health care. "Notice and Respond." Watch out for each other. A survey: 13.8% of high school students seriously considered taking their lives. TeenScreen. "Nobody ever asked me." "Write Love on Her Arms." "Prevention starts with Discussion." :Let struggling young people know that they are not alone.

Almanac. Oct. 3, 2003 in Las Vegas. 380 pound tiger attacked during Seigfreid and Roy performance at the Mirage. (On Roy's 59th birthday) Except for 1 brief appearance, they have not appeared on the stage together since.

Legos story introduced by a self-portrait in Legos. Legos is Danish (leg godt) for play well. AFOLs=adult fans of Legos. Older people account for 5% sales of Legos. "Every man needs a man-cave." Brickfair in Virginia. Todd Webb. A hint of nerdiness. Nerdiness rises from the floor like mist. Nathan Soweya: breaking out to do something new. Corporate lawyer to brick artist.
Think about Legos in a different way. A bridge to childhood.

The following story noted that next Saturday is the 70th anniversary of John Lennon's birth. Cynthia and Yoko Ono embracing, along with the two sons. Julian Lennon's first exhibition of photographs. At 47, Julian is 7 years older than John was at death.
A man and his work. The paradox of Julian Lennon's life, initially chasing after his father's love then escaping his shadow. A series of landscapes and skyscapes. Don't have to suffer a comparison to John in photography. Julian has been buying up Beatles memorabilia. The photo show was at Morrison Hotel Gallery. Patty Boyd came, then Yoko and Sean. Sean: Julian is like my hero. John Lennon's family together: imagine that.

Richard Benjamin in Goodbye Columbus appeared, with speculation that Philip Roth might win the Nobel Prize for literature this year. Philip Roth's house on Summit Ave in southwest Newark, NJ was shown, with Roth. "America's greatest living novelist." The book Nemesis is about a polio epidemic in 1940's Newark. Roth is now 77 and lives in rural Connecticut. Many of Roth's characters do not end up happy. Roth is quoted: When the whole world doesn't believe in God, it will be a great place. Claire Bloom is brought up. American Pastoral got a Pulitzer Prize. The child in one is very exciting. The question of "legacy" was brought up. When does your legacy begin? When you're gone. I don't worry about that.

From the CBS transcript of the Roth interview:

"So, do you feel like there's a God out there?" Braver asked.

"I'm afraid there isn't, no," Roth said.

"You know that telling the whole world that you don't believe in God is going to, you know, have people say, 'Oh my goodness, you know, that's a terrible thing for him to say," Braver said.

Roth replied, "When the whole world doesn't believe in God, it'll be a great place."

Monitor creep was mentioned, about the size of monitors compared to the people (like Charles Kuralt).

Arthur Penn (The Miracle Worker, Bonnie & Clyde, Little Big Man) and Tony Curtis were remembered. Bernard Schwartz from the Bronx. A Rita Braver interview clip in 2002 was mentioned. There was an allusion to an event related to "Some like it hot" wherein the costume designer said Tony had a better rear end than Marilyn Monroe, and what Marilyn did next.

Cesar Millan is the dog whisperer who resides outside of Los Angeles (43 acres). [Osgood previewed Kita.] The Dog Pyschology Center. A big point: you should have your dog behind you, not in front of you. Dogs are just big copycats. Peer pressure. Pinkett-Smith had a lot to do with the career of Millan. MuttAGrees: teach empathy and compassion. Millan noted when he died he wanted to come back as a dog in America.

"Waiting for Superman" was used to lead-in to an op-ed. Tenure is really due process. The AFT has proposed a model with multiple measures for granting tenure. Almost half teachers leave in the first five years. Randy Weingarten, president of the AFT.

Flintstones anniversary. Can a cultural artifact from the stone age be only 50 years old? First animated series in prime time.
Jackie Gleason was not happy, and wanted to sue. [Intellectual property issue] The origin of yabba dabba do from "yahoo" combined with Brylcreem's "a little dab will do you," was discussed. [The Sunday Morning piece was derived from an earlier CBS news presentation: 'The Flintstones' Hit A Milestone, 30 Sept 2010]

Moment of nature. Redwood National Park and Roosevelt Elk.

from Even today's boom in primetime television animation is thanks to a spin-off of The Honeymooners. But, to its credit, The Flintstones never made a secret that they were a copy. In fact, they capitalized on the fact they weren't exactly original.

from In the chapter, "The Simpsons' Already Did It! This Show is a Freakin Rip-off!", Shai Biderman and William J. Devlin, of Boston University, proceed by way of discussion of rip-off, art, parody, satire, plagiarism, and postmodernism to dispel the claim. They argue "Animation is built on plagiarism! If it weren't for someone plagiarizing The Honeymooners, we wouldn't have The Flintstones.

Footnote on Clementi matter. Tyler went to music practice the day of his death:

"It has become a constant thought for me that Tyler came to orchestra rehearsal on the day he chose to end his life," Kynan Johns said yesterday. "I spoke to him a couple of minutes before beginning rehearsal as he waited to come onstage in the auditorium, violin in hand, with other students. I told him I had confirmed and organized his individual violin lessons and that he could start next week. I can't remember his reply, but saw nothing in him that indicated the tragic actions he was going to take later that evening."



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