Sunday, October 24, 2010

CBS Sunday Morning on October 24, 2010

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for 24 October 2010: Tom Blackstone on The Big One; Julie and David [Eisenhower];
Keith Richards[ Steve Hartman on “everyone has a story” Remarkable earthlings I found.
News for October 24: Health workers cholera outbreak in Haiti; Cache from wikileaks. Human toll to innocent Iraquis. Swoboda: IraqBodyCount. 15K previously unreporteted. 150000 dead since 2003. David Martin reported. Giants beat Phillies. Katy Perry wedding in India. Weather: Storms roll eastward from plains.

The Great California Shakeout. San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom: duty to be prepared for earthquake. Seriousness of earthquakes has been made tragically evident in last year. Tom Heath, prof of Geophysics at Caltech. 7.2 in Baja in April. Noting could be finer than an earthquake that is minor. San Andreas is lock and loaded and ready to go.
Over time, we have to have earthquakes to release energy. Next one could be mag 8.
1994 NorthRidge quake. $40 billion. Mag 6.7. A magnitude 8 quake is 40 to 50 times more powerful. [The Richter scale is
Mag 8 shaking could last full minute. In SF quake of 1989, the duration was 15 seconds and was centered 70 miles south of Bay area. Hayward fault is overdue. SF egion is rife for quakes. You can run but you can’t hide. 3000 died in 1906.
Up to one minute of warning on San Andreas fault. Use of smartphones to give warning.
Bay Bridge retrofit. Replacement scheduled for 2013.
Lesson from California: A place where the past can be wiped away, and everything started a new.

Almanac. October 24, 1901. Annie Edson Taylor went over Niagara Falls. 63 year old retired teacher. Survived. After her, 11 out of 16.

Fountain pens. Rita Braver starts the piece with a fountain pen repairman who views his work as giving people back a piece of their heritage. Richard Binder, once a software guy does repairs in New Hampshire. Specialty: the nib. Binder has a 4 month backlog. Half dozen repairmen in world. Washington PenShow. Lewis Waterman patent shown on tv screen. 1883. David oscarson. Ivory with black onyx. Yellow jade with purple jade on top. Kareem has over 400 pens.
[Coming up: Lee Child]

Everybody in the world has a story. Cordoba, Argentina. 1.3 million. Sandro Govanni. Sondro argued with his dad, especially about Sondro’s future (dad wanted farmer; Sandro writer). At age 16, Sondro ran away from home.

Story on Lee Child. Worth dying for by Lee Child. Lee talked of 10,000 to one odds mentioned by his father. 15 books 40 million copies. Boucheron. Mystery writers convention in SF.
But for simple . Jim Grant is real name. born in England in 1954. Granada Television; Brideshead Revisted. Fired at age 40. I know the audience; I know how they think. Legal pad and pencil. Killing Floor, set in US. 6 5 Jack Reacher. He’s the hammer not the nail. Noble loner. Strong silent types. Reacher creatures. The White Knight. Duncan Monroe won a look alike contest.

NY's Guggenheim: backdrop for YouTube video. Outdoor show ended Friday; still available indoors. Animated musicality of birds on the wires. Seaweed from Great Britain. The Huber Experiments. The videos will remain on YouTube.

Julie and David by Mo Rocca. David: "I wanted to be at my best around him." Dwight Eisenhower went to Gettysburg in 1960.
Book by David: Going home to glory. David and Julie met at second inaugural in 1957. Started dating in college (Amherst and Smith). "moderate Republicans". Nixon was a progressive. Eisenhower was a middle of a roader. Eisenhower died in March 1969.

Another "Everybody Has a Story " piece was recycled from a previous showing on "CBS Evening News."
From Chengou, China. No white pages there; just yellow pages; so Steve used the yellow pages to make a selection. On Sha Wa You from "Lucky Bag" company. Men are like "I am the emperor." Marriage began in 2007 but ended in divorce, with the divorce kept secret from her parents. Like America: "I can decide what I want."

Anthony Mason discusses the book by Keith Richards. [This story is also related to one on CBS Evening News.] There are two Keith Richards, one real and one mythological. The world's most elegantly wasted human. Richards has a home in Connecticut. If Keith Richards didn't exist, rock and roll would have to invent him. Total blood transfusion in Switzerland was a myth. Dartford, England was where Ricky grew up. Richards met Jagger in Dartford, and wrote about it in 1962. Rock's irreverent bad boys. "I used to love heroin." Get away from the flim flam. All the unnecessary things in show business.
Toughest thing Richards faced: his son dying in 1976, Of Jagger in 1980's: riding on the Stones' fame to do it. Mick finds me too serious. My job is to turn Mick on.

Numbers given on campaign spending were displayed. Then mention of 9.6% unemployed. Out of 100 dollars in income growth, $80 went to people who don't need it. So called "income divegence." Richest 5% of Americans do as well under Dems or Reps. Between 1929 and 1973, incomes became more equal. The great divergence by Tim Noah was argued to be more important than the deficit.

Third "Everybody" story was in Bali, which is also recycled from "CBS Evening News." It focussed on sex. Guys in Bali don't give flowers. Some people on earth live for purpose and meaning, and the others are men.

Moment of Nature through Spiriva ad: moonlit egrets in Alabama (New York??)

**In passing

CBS News’ “Sunday Morning” Is Up In Viewers And Households In Its 96Th Consecutive Week As The #1 Sunday Morning News Program


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