Sunday, October 17, 2010

CBS Sunday Morning on 17 Oct 2010

Charles Osgood previewed the stories for 17 October 2010. He noted in "Campaign 2010" we have just 16 days before election day. Rita Braver's cover story on the House Speaker; Nancy Pelosi is trailblazing but controversial. Republicanas are out to fire Pelosi. 2nd story: Adventures of Mark Twain; Jeff Glor does Twain'smemoir, an autobiography published 100 years after his death. 3rd story: Tom Jones at 70 done by Mark Philips. Also: Chilean miners by Seth Doane; out of the darkness. Jean Nouvel; wrongful conviction.

Headlines: Mass of Thanksgiving in Chile. Men trapped in China mine. Demonstrations in France; 60 -- 62. Death of Barbara Billingsley (1915-2010). Phillies v. Giants. Weather: windy in northeast.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is all business. The show gave a view from her private balcony at the Capitol. Annie Custer; Debbie Halverson shown pilloried by connection to Pelosi. Mention of the "Fire Pelosi" bus. A picture of Pelosi with Cokie.
Only 15% of Americans view her favorably. A lot of the interview takes place on the Potomac River. Changed the furniture in the Speaker's Office. Discussion of her father. She met JFK at age 16. She first ran for office at age 47. Mention of the "marble ceiling". She has raised $217 million for Democrats.

Einstein Oct. 17, 1933.


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