Thursday, September 09, 2010

What to do about bad essays?

Peter Zura overviews the essay by Mark Lemley titled Can the Patent Office Be Fixed?

Yes, the topic of "bad patents" materializes in paragraph 1:

On  the  one  hand, the  PTO  has  been  issuing  a
 large  number  of  dubious  patents  over  the  past
 twenty  years, (...)  The  PTO  issues  many  more
  patents  than  its  counterparts  in  Europe  and  Japan
 (van  Pottelsberghe  de  lat  Potterie,  2010);

But, wait, that was the Quillen and Webster argument. But one will not
find Quillen and Webster cited in Lemley's essay, although Lemley used
to cite Quillen and Webster (see for example "Rational Ignorance," which IS
CITED in the essay). Needless to say, one will not find references to the
numerous critiques of Quillen and Webster.

Yes, "gold-plating" does arise in the essay with a reference to the paper
in Regulation, but one will not find references to criticisms of "gold plating."



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