Friday, September 03, 2010

Say it ain't so: bed bugs at Google, Manhattan!

The Guardian reports:

The search engine giant Google confirmed today [Sept. 3] that its 9th Avenue offices in Manhattan have been infested with the bugs. Parts of the headquarters, a futuristic space renowned for having a Lego room and scooters for staff to move around, have been found to be harbouring the parasites, prompting the wags at Gawker media group to wonder whether its possible for them to spread via the internet.

New York City is number one on the bed bug list:

The "top 15" U.S. cities for bedbugs

The story did originate on twitter, which did recently create a false bed bug firestorm in Toronto. Of Google, from the WSJ:

The offices on Ninth Avenue are famous for their free gourmet cafeteria, snack stations, scooters and readily available Lego sets for employees.

News of Google’s bedbug outbreak first spread Thursday [Sept. 2] when a person who claims to work for the company posted a message on a Twitter account saying, “jeepers i am not immune from the bedbug epidemic. bedbugs have been found at work.” The message was sent by a person using the Twitter user name pammy5 and their bio stated: “I do marketing things at Google.” The account has since been deleted.


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