Friday, September 03, 2010

Nature blog reaches the James Enstrom/UCLA matter

In a post titled Enstrom und drang: Air quality contrarian fights expulsion , the Great Beyond includes text about the firing of James Enstrom, a critic of California's CARB:

When interviewed today [2 Sept 10], Enstrom called the timing of his dismissal “almost unbelievable,” as it was within days of the release of a new CARB report on mortality and fine particulate matter—a report that blames soot for 9,000 premature deaths a year in California, and that does not make use of Enstrom’s study. The CARB counters that the choice of a large recent study by Daniel Krewski of the University of Ottawa as the "core analysis" was made by the federal EPA.

Enstrom was instrumental in exposing the degree fraud of CARB worker Hier Tran. The quirky thing here is that the guy who told the truth (Enstrom) is getting fired and the guy who lied about his degree (Tran) is retained. Go figure.

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