Tuesday, September 21, 2010

From the Gunasekera hearing

From a story in The Post about Ohio U's Jay Gunasekera :

"My reputation is completely tarnished," said Gunasekera, who added he has been unable to seek consulting jobs or conduct research since the incidents of several years ago.

Although Gunasekera is still a tenured faculty member at OU, his Moss Professorship was rescinded after the plagiarism scandal and he was prohibited from advising graduate students on their theses. His suspension from graduate faculty status has also prohibited him from participating in research, Gunasekera said during the hearing. Yesterday's session did not change Gunasekera's status at OU.

"The university has no action pending against him. We will take no action against him," said OU General Counsel John Biancamano. "This is simply his chance to tell his side of the story."


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