Thursday, September 09, 2010

Do consumers buy what they dislike the most?

IPBiz recently commented on the takeover of sickly Burger King [ Consumer disconnect at Burger King? ], wherein the linked story contained the quote:

"McDonald's is just eating their lunch," said Bob Goldin, an analyst at the food consulting firm Technomic Inc.

A few days later, Consumer Reports reported McDonalds was dead last in a survey of 28,000 subscribers. An Atlanta Constitution blog noted:

Consumer Reports recently polled 28,000 online subscribers and asked them to rate the burgers they had eaten on their last visit on a scale of 1 to 10 — from least delicious burger ever eaten to most.

Eighteen fast-food restaurants were rated across the country.

One commenter brought out a problematic aspect of the survey:

This comparison does not take into account Cost. I’d love to eat at 5 guys and Fuddruckers all the time, but McDonalds and Krystal are more my budget.

Besides, I have a hard time comparing them. A Krystal burger is not nearly the same thing as a McD’s or Burger King, or Fuddrucker burger. On different days I crave different things.

As burgers go, so goes the business of patent prosecution.

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