Sunday, September 26, 2010

"CBS Sunday Morning" on September 26, 2010

Charles Osgood led off with mention of autumn and the new normal as to climate and as to the economy. Martha Teichner talked about the "new normal" with a clip from ex-secretary Robert Reich. The second preview concerned Marlo Thomas. Third was Anthony Mason on Katy Perry, the pop princess who scored the biggest hit of the summer. Too sexy for Sesame Street. Fourth, Bill Geist on Rock Stars (stone skipping, a reprise). Movie: the social network.

Headlines: Bishop Eddie Long, New Birth Baptist Church. An AP poll shows only 30% favor new health care law. The Chilean miners. In Israel, restrictions on new settlements end today. Rivers in midwest are receding. Highs in 60s for northeast.

The cover story was on the "new normal." Announcement on Monday that recession over. Velma Hart: is this my new reality?
If you’re middle class, the answer is probably yes. Carmen Reinhart, this time is different. Unemployment rate tends to be much higher for the next decade. Robert Reich we are not going to recover quickly (Aftershock). More and more of the income went to people at the top. 1928 and 2007 richest 1% taking home 25% of all income. Wage inequality at heart of woes. Spend enough to jump start the economy. The consumers are the middle class. Henry Ford understood this ($5 per day); workers buy Model T’s they are making. Getting anybody to buy anything these days is a challenge. “Investment clothing”. More than 6 out of 10 Americans have cut back on spending since 2007. The antiMcMansion. Blu homes. In Springfield, MASS. There are always Phoenixes that come out of the flames. In Phoenix, Az, solar panels. Rob Gillette of First Solar. (Perrysville, Ohio mfg plant). Petrobas Brasil in background shot. Vincent Reinhart: 10 years from now we will be more resilient.

Almanac. Sept. 26, 1960, the evening Nixon and Kennedy in the first ever televised debate in Chicago managed by Don Hewit.
"Think I'd better shave" by Nixon. Nixon opted for "over the counter makeup." TV viewers saw a cool and calm Kennedy vs. rumpled Nixon, but radio listeners thought Nixon had won the debate. Hewit was quoted: That's the way you elect Miss America. Presidential debates are here to stay.

The late Dorothy Draper quoted on interior decor. In a piece "Fashion Forward," Kelly Wearstler was featured. Viceroy and Avalon hotels. Living without color is like living without love. Mix elements from all different styles, periods. Maximalist style. Used money from posing for Playboy to start her own company. Gwen Stefani noticed Kelly. Bravo Show: Top Design.
Frank (teddy bear) is 98 years old and a good luck charm. Lives in Cubby Broccoli's former home. Shag couches.

Ahead: online friendship on film.

Rita Braver does Sunday profile on Marlo Thomas. With Phil Donahue on a yacht in New York City. Free to be you and me. Book coming out this week: growing up laughing. Milton Berle was on all the time. I just worshipped George Burns. In 1966, she developed "That Girl." A guest on Donahue's show in 1977.

Facebook founder giving $100 million to Newark school system. Hype for "The Social Network." Basically about a guy who creates a social network who has no social skills whatever. He's the guy we want to be. A "Citizen Kane" figure. Turning the world into a giant high school?

Saying farewell to Eddie Fisher. Died from complications from hip surgery at age 82.. In 1955, Fisher married Debbie Reynolds.

School lunches in France. A five course meal for three year olds in school AND a recommendation for "what's for dinner."
Introduce children to the variety of French cuisine. High tech, ultrahygienic food preparation facility. Deep fried broccoli.
American's gobble their food. Share food, conversation. The lunch costs $5-6 in Paris. Elswhere less ($2.50 per plate).
The menu for three year olds is laid out two months in advance.

Katy Perry rocked the house on Saturday Night Live. Anthony Mason covered the pop star with the pinup girl look. Playful flirtation with obvious innuendo. Inescapable and unstoppable. "Teenage Dream" was released and she appeared on Letterman. She was cut from Sesame Street. play date with Elmo cut short. Grew up in Santa Barbara. Signed to a Nashville gospel label, which went bankrupt. Signed and dropped by two more labels. Damaged goods. Capitol Records picked her up and switched her name from Hudson to Perry. "I kissed a girl."

Comments on Ben Stein's oped from Sept. 19 about new tax plan being "Just punishment". On screen criticsim by Linda--> Ben Stein is wrong. I'm fine with tax increase. American's who don't feel punished. This isn't charity. This is about being a grownup. We prospered. Now it's time to help the rest of America. He's out of touch with the average person. Or he just doesn't care about them. The haves are greedy. This is the first time I've heard one express it so openly. We Mr. Stein are not suffering (Linda McGiveny (spelling?))

Emmy awards tomorrow. Three stories of Sunday Morning nominated including rock skipping by Bill Geist (in 2009). Franklin, PA on Allegheny River. Russell Byars. Kurt Steiner. American Journal of Physics has an article on stone skipping.

Moment of nature. Tall cactus outside Tucson, AZ ( Saguaro National Park)


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