Sunday, September 19, 2010

"CBS Sunday Morning" on September 19, 2010

Charles Osgood introduced the show for September 19. The cover story is on the Hoover Dam, with Katie Couric talking to Oliver Stone, and "Don't try this at home" (Bill Geist). Concert in the Park, Auto industry.

Headlines: Sarah Shourd now at home (Michelle Miller) [Also: American released from Iran arrives in U.S. ]. Discussion of the role of Oman in the release. Hillary Clinton on the continuing negotiations. Discussion of the Pope in Britain. Hurricane Igor. BP's oil well plugged. Reports on cult in California. (see Authorities search for missing members of cult-like Palmdale group ). Of weather, the first days of fall cool in the North.

Susan Spencer talked about the 75th anniversary of the Hoover Dam. At 726 feet, it is taller than the Washington Monument. The book Colossus is mentioned. The builders had to "invent" construction techniques. The dam meant a job. There was mention of 145deg temperatures. Officially, 96 men died. The project finished in 1935, and was dedicated by Roosevelt. Hoover was not invited and the dam was called Boulder Dam. Of movies including the dam: Hitchcock's Saboteurs in 1942, and "Viva La Vegas," and "Vegas Vacation" and Superman. There are 17 generating units. Electricity for 1 million people and water for 20 million people.

There was a mention of a Simon and Garfunkel reunion following the piece on the dam. The Sunday Morning almanac was on September 19, 1981, the free concert in Central Park. There was reference to songs in The Graduate. Garfunkel before the show: "I'm like a swimmer on the edge of the pool." There was mention of the "Old Friends" tour, curently on hold.

At the end, a preview of "road to recovery." Steven Rattner on his book Overhaul.

Katie Couric talked of Stone, who was at Yale and then in Viet Nam ("try to keep your own humanity alive inside of you").
Platoon, and Born of the 4th of July. On his movie on Bush: Going across the valley and walking in the shoes of someone you do not like. If I don't live in my conscious while I'm alive. Gecko is not soft, but he has a heart. An allusion to "when I'm 64," with Katie wishing Oliver "happy birthday."

A preview of "as the world turns" followed the Couric piece.

Below the line. 14.3% poverty rate. 1 American in 7. Americans without health insurance 51,000,000. Piece on Howard Brody.
In 1987 at age 71, went to France to cover trial of Klaus Barbee. Walter Cronkite called him the ultimate journalist. The CBS soap opera "As the world turns," ended at age 54 [ first launched in 1956 ]. A spinning colored globe on a desk ended the show.

Rare and exotic musical instruments on display at a museum in Phoenix in a piece done by Osgood. Bill DeWalt is president and director of the museum. John Lennon's piano for Imagine is in the museum. An ingoma, Komuz, Adufe, Jing Ping band.
Bob Ulrich of Target founded the museum.

A preview of "what's in a name." High fructose corn syrup as corn sugar. Carlos Rey is Chuck Norris. A Hundred Monkeys (100 Monkeys) is a company that helps pick names for companies (Danny Altman). Be descriptive andunique but not absurd. Examples in the fish area: "Slime head" turned into orange roughy. Proposed: Asian carp Kentucky tuna. Teach a man to rename a fish and he'll heat almost anything. [There is an obvious connection to trademark law]

Preview: Jamie Lee Curtis and Bill Geist.

Ads for Activia begin the profile for Curtis. Acting is easy for Jamie Lee Curtis. "I was a make believer." There was an allusion to Meryl Streep. At what point: I have achieved what most people don't. Her latest children book is her ninth. An allusion to "You again," which hits theaters this week. "I found high school to be a horror show." I don't think any woman wants to be known for beautiful, or busty. Best role: True Lives. At age 43, a different picture to look at. Air brushing, etc.: Against the essence of who you are. "My mommy hung the moon" dedicated to her mother (Janet Leigh of whom: "I don't remember that bond.") Most people go into parenting: I'm going to do that differently. Relationship with father: beautiful.
"People don't get their dreams, a lot."

Ben Stein: Whether the Bush era tax cuts should be continued. Stein: I am above the level Obama thinks is rich. Left with 0.35 on every dollar I make. I live a great life, and 4 dogs and 6 cats. There is no theory that says raising my taxes will help the economy. What did I do wrong. I tried to be successful. When did this turn out to be a crime.

Preview from Bob Schieffer, talk with Bill Clinton.

Just ahead. Rolling along with the daredevils.

Bill Geist. Saturday night in Omaha. American Daredevil show. Spanky Spangler. People like crunch. Longest car jump. Triple spiral in the air. Met Evil Knieval and that changed my life. Gene Sullivan of Jump for Jesus. Time to smash the metal. This is not pro wrestling folks, this is real. Mr. Dizzy. Spanky's Signature stunt: the car drop. Being a daredevil is freedom.

The moment of nature was on the beach at Cape Cod National Seashore.

**Footnote, of songs in "The Graduate," Joe DiMaggio interview:

00:05:24 Joe dimaggio has never written his memoirs.
00:05:27 He says, "i do not give away " you would say when the song came out, "where have you gone, joe dimaggio," that you didn't understand what the song meant.
00:05:36 Do you now?
00:05:37 >> I still don't know what the song means.
00:05:40 I-i've never understood it fully, and I still don't.
00:05:43 >> Yeah.
00:05:44 Were you resentful that they used your name in that way?
00:05:46 >> Absolutely not.
00:05:47 I was very happy that they would think about it.
00:05:49 These fellas, I guess, maybe they saw me play; maybe they didn't see me play.


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