Monday, August 30, 2010

Zhouzi literally hammered for his anti-plagiarism, anti-fraud stands

IPBiz has previously reported on the activities of Fang Zhouzi, who exposes science frauds. The Christian Science Monitor on August 30, 2010 communicated that Zhouzi was assaulted by two men as he walked to his Beijing home Sunday [August 29] evening; one sprayed a chemical in his face, the other beat him with a hammer.

Zhouzi had reported on the (former) president of Microsoft China, Tang Jun, who had listed his degree at Caltech as an achievement in a book recounting his success in business, but who later acknowledged that his PhD actually came from Pacific Western University in California. That institution was a diploma mill that sold academic credentials and required no classroom instruction. That incident has an eerie similarity to the Tran matter at California's CARB, although Tran still works there.

The CSM also noted: plagiarism accusations against an internationally respected political science scholar Wang Hui and the dismissal of a top professor of energy and power studies found guilty of over 30 cases of plagiarism, led the state-owned “China Daily” to editorialize last month that “it is by now evident that the nation needs better regulations to counter the practice in academia.”

What would the China Daily say about the Harvard Law School and SIU?

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