Thursday, August 26, 2010

PatentHawk flames Aharonian

The beginning of the Patent Prospector post recites:

From reading his newsletter, one gathers the decided impression that Greg Aharonian has the emotional stature of an infant. [I know I'll get comments from readers who will swear their infants are more mature than Greg. Point taken.] In his ranting newsletter, where screaming ALL CAPS and !!!!!!!! are the norm, Aharonian boiled over newly minted patent 7,779,753, which claims a tea ball on a serving string.

And, then, as the first comment, MaxDrei talks about the European "problem and solution" approach:

Then again, the EPO's "problem and Solution Approach " to obviousness gives a PTO Examiner an easy to use tool to incinerate this claim in less than 5 minutes, just like it did the claim in the KSR case.

Soooooo.... predictable.

Merely fyi:

Looking for commentary from Greg Aharonian

Glaskowsky and Aharonian missing prior art?


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