Thursday, August 19, 2010

Michigian State plagiarizes?

A post by MICHAEL VAN BEEK begins with the paragraph:

A recent study commissioned by Booth Newspapers and conducted by Michigan State University's Education Policy Center concludes that Michigan would save $612 million by consolidating school districts at the county level. While the methodology remains highly suspect, the study suffers from a far greater problem: It appears to contain significant amounts of plagiarized material.

and later

After a full analysis using professional plagiarism-screening software, it appeared that more than 800 words of text in the MSU study originated from other sources. Most of this text lacked attribution, quotation marks, footnotes or endnotes.

Now, IPBiz asks, would Stanley Fish assert that, in context, MSU was only seeking an answer to the question of consolidating school districts, and that copying text from others, to formulate an answer, was permissible under his concept of contextual plagiarism?

Fish furthers plagiarism excuses?


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