Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Michael Vaughn thing

Yahoo.sports has a story about Michael Vaughn's claim that he played for the Dallas Cowboys. Once exposed, Vaughn tried a variety of tricks. As yahoo describes -->

Since McKenna's report went out last week, Vaughn has gone step-by-step through the political crisis playbook. His first step was to deny, deny, deny. The delegate insisted to McKenna that he was signed as a free agent in 1980, despite evidence to the contrary. A single, ambiguous newspaper clipping was his only proof.

Next up was the tried and true method of distraction with inconsequential facts. Vaughn said he was a member of the NFL Players Alumni Association, a group whose eligibility requirements seem to be only that you have a working credit card. If you'd like, you can join too for $150.

Then Vaughn tried to blame the issue on someone else (the webmaster who made his site), pulled the offending sentence (he says he removed it immediately; McKenna claims he waited six days), released a damage control statement blasting the City Paper's report (it was "unresearched (sic) and inaccurate"), basically blamed the media for all of society's ills ("this incident demonstrates the growing problem that we have in the 24/7 media culture") and, finally, vowed to "explore" how the error was made in the first place.

The 24/7 media culture? Remember a certain snagged plagiarist who tried that one? Remember "Guilty of Deceiving the American Public"?


Posner snagged for plagiarism, again


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