Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Man bites dog moment as newspaper takes from blog

In a post titled The Toronto Sun Steals From Blogs, the pensionplanpuppets blog goes through an incident wherein the Toronto Sun found a story on Tomas Kaberle's father on the blog and copied from it without attribution to the blog. There's also a translation issue involved. There's a lot of discussion about plagiarism.

A problem is that copyright infringement and plagiarism get conflated:

But was it plagiarism? Well, Doogie2K provided a helpful link to the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works (Paris Text 1971):

(3) Translations, adaptations, arrangements of music and other alterations of a literary or artistic work shall be protected as original works without prejudice to the copyright in the original work.

Copyright infringement is copying without PERMISSION (with or without attribution) and plagiarism is copying without ATTRIBUTION (with or without permission).

The kernal of the issue is seen in a response of the newspaper to the blog:

Fuller credited the source magazine (Czech hockey magazine Hokej) for the quotes used in our article. While he read the translated article first on the pensionplanpuppets website, he checked the original article and quotes thorough Google Translate. Attributing quotes to another source is not plagiarism.

We gather information from a variety of sources, including blogs, tweet, etc. Newspapers are not websites. We don't credit links. The Czech magazine and it's [sic] writer are the originating source of the news and thus deserve credit - not you or your website.

Now, if you want to see a funny plagiarism story, view the IPBiz post

"This blatant rip-off is unacceptable, even for a blogger."

Link from fark-->

Helpful hint: when plagiarizing an article just go ahead and skip the last paragraph if it is a bio of the real author


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