Sunday, August 29, 2010

"CBS Sunday Morning" on August 29, 2010: recycling again, but with a tip to Katrina

Harry Smith introduced a Martha Teichner story on farmers markets, illustrated with a visit to a Union Square market. The "google doodle" was introduced next. Third, a story on Kitty Kelley by Cynthia Bowers. Fourth, Seth Doane on tequila. Fifth, Smith acknowledged the fifth anniversary of Katrina.

Headlines: President Obama in New Orleans; rallys in DC on August 28, 2010; 7 Americans die in Afghanistan; hurricane Danielle; Tiger Woods not doing well Barclays' (which is being shown on CBS this afternoon). Weather: more heat and humidity.

The cover story was that on farmers markets: "Field of Greens." Vegetables grown on a roof in Brooklyn. US DoA shows 6100 farmers markets in existence. The US DOA itself has a farmers market on Fridays. The story switched to Madison, WISC, which has the biggest farmers market. Shopping at farmers markets isn't just fun; it's serious. Farmers markets are helping to keep farmers in business. Someone who sells veggies makes more, in growth per acre, than one who alternates soybeans/corn. CSA=community supported agriculture. Members come to the farm. The USA DoA is spending 5 million per year promoting markets, and even the White House has a market. A point about supplying fresh veggies to lower income people. The story did note that, in Washington, there is high cost, illustrated with milk and greens. In Union Square, markets on Wednesday, with 60,000 visitors. Tocqueville (restaurant) has a daily green menu, which was not exactly emphasized in a piece in nymag. A problem in the Teichner piece was an appearance of being a string of isolated facts and figures strung together.
The transcript for Field of Greens: The Growth in Farmers Markets

Almanac. August 29, 1915, Ingrid Bergman born in Stockholm. Casablanca: always have Paris. Gaslight. Notorious. Stromboli. Rossellini. Powerful influence for evil (Senator Johnson). Anastasia. Died on her 67th birthday.

Katrina remembrance by Harry Smith. If it was on, or near, the shore, it was destroyed.

Harry pointed out Glee is nominated for 19 Emmys and led into a story by Mo Rocca. "Show Choir". Pop culture crescendo. The Keynotes. Apart from Harry's introduction, this is a recycle of a story A Gleeful Song from December 6, 2009.

Similarly, google doodle [25 April 2010], Kitty Kelley [25 April 2010], and tequila [2 May 2010] are all recycles from previous episodes. Of an upcoming, NOT recycled story, the show announced it will be doing a piece on bed bugs next week.

Text from Andrew Healy. Spending money AFTER a disaster is better for a politicians, but is fifteen times more costly than preparing for a disaster in the first place. There's no glory in preventing a disaster. But politicians are only doing what you the voter trained them to do.

The "google doodle" piece did present a trademark question, in that conventional wisdom teaches NOT to alter one's logo.
However, the extraordinary strength of the "google" textual mark allows artistic variations. The earlier story was on April 25, 2010.

The moment of nature. Among the great blue herons in the Iroquois Refuge in western New York. [The Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge located in the rural towns of Alabama and Shelby mid-way between Rochester and Buffalo, NY.]

***footnotes, from eatmainefoods:

Watch CBS Sunday Morning at 9am. The segment "Fields of Green" about Farmers' Market will feature footage @ our market & Snell Family Farm!!

from facepinch, What's being written about cbs sunday morning in the United States right now?

Of "double dollars" at farmers markets in DC:

Even $16 in food stamps will stretch a little farther this summer thanks to Freshfarm farmers’ market’s “Double Dollars” program. We covered this program last summer and are pleased to report that this year it’s expanded from one to three farmers’ markets in the District (plus the Saturday market in Silver Spring):

200 Independence Avenue SW on Wednesdays from 2:30-6:30pm
810 Vermont Avenue, NW on Thursdays from 3-7pm
625 H Street NE on Saturdays from 9am-noon
Food stamp recipients who visit these markets can make up to a $10 charge on their EBT cards, and get twice the value of their charge in tokens to buy food at the market. (Several other markets take EBT cards and the $25 in “Get Fresh” checks provided to WIC and Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program recipients, but are not currently participating in double-dollar promotions. A new market at Howard University Hospital is also taking WIC and senior vouchers.)

Also on double dollars, Farmers markets’ pilot program targets food assistance recipients:

Sarah Smith, who runs the Skowhegan Farmers’ Market on Saturdays from May through October, said the programs answer a complaint she hears too often: that fresh food is too expensive for low-income families. More than half of Somerset County residents qualify for supplemental nutrition assistance programs, said Smith.

Under the Double Dollars program, people who receive government subsidies for food can redeem their vouchers at the farmers market for double their value up to $10 a week. (...)

The Skowhegan Farmers’ Market, founded in 1997, was one of the first in Maine to accept public benefit food stamp cards and W.I.C. vouchers, according to Smith. Since then, the use of public assistance money at the market has continued to grow. With many people expected to take advantage of the Double Dollars program, Smith said a welcome booth would be set up to help people shop.

“A lot of people are not familiar with farmers markets,” she said. “We want people to feel welcome. It’s a place for the consumer to rediscover the time-honored relationship between food grower and food consumer. Local food not only tastes better, but it’s more nutritious.”


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