Friday, August 27, 2010

Bed bugs shut down NJ movie theater on 25 Aug 2010 notes that bedbugs were found in three of the Eatontown, NJ-Monmouth Mall movie theater's 15 auditoriums on August 25, 2010 and the theater closed down.

Meanwhile, in Somerville, Somerset County (adjacent to Bridgewater), noted:

According to director of Social Services E. Joseph Kunzmann, an employee found what was believe to be three bed bugs in the waiting area of their offices at 73 E. High St. earlier this month. Exterminators were called in, at which time Kunzmann said there was reason to believe there may have been bed bugs on the third floor of the building, though none were found.

They used to say "don't worry, they're still 90 miles away." Can't say that about bed bugs.

One can only wonder if Lisa Jackson of the EPA is awake.


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