Sunday, July 25, 2010

"CBS Sunday Morning" on July 25, 2010

The cover story on July 25, 2010 was on robots, previewed by CBS with text

To find out, Daniel Sieberg asks that those very questions to Dean Kamen, founder of the FIRST Robotics Competition. He also travels to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to see the latest in consumer robotics; observes military robotics testing near White Sands, N.M.; and even sits in on a robotic-assisted surgery [a prostate operation with Da Vinci hardware].

What he finds is that as robots march further into every aspect of our lives, more and more Americans are growing comfortable with them. In fact, some are literally putting their lives in the hands of a robot, from the battlefield to the operating room.

full text of Our Future Is Already in the Hands of Robots

The Almanac feature was on the anniversary of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis getting together, July 25, 1946, which ended in a plug for Lewis' muscular dystrophy teleathon, which airs 6 weeks from today.

The second story was about Shanghai (by Jerry Reynolds), once called the Paris of the East. There was a reference to the book "Phantom Shanghai." Shanghai spent $45 billion to get ready for the exposition. "Chaos with style."

Third was Rita Braver on women on motorcycles. There was a discussion of the book by Simmons. This was a re-presentation of a story on "CBS Sunday Morning" of March 28, 2010 [Spokes Woman.

There was an allusion to Mission Impossible II as the most popular film 10 years ago. For now, Inception was the first topic.
It was characterized as "Oceans 11 visits the Matrix." Salt got a more favorable view, as having no pretentions and being a prolonged chase.

Next was micro-sculptor Willard Wigan, a re-presentation from March 21, 2010. Willard Wigan's Micro Art

A study by Northeastern University on the content of Twitter tweets. Gloomiest on Thursday, happiest on Sunday.
[See Pulse of the Nation:
U.S. Mood Throughout the Day inferred from Twitter
. Note the presence of cartograms.]

A short piece on Daniel Schorr who died Friday at age 93. A coup in 1957, on interview with Kruschev. Reading his own name on Nixon's enemies list.

A followup of a piece on Wayne Newton from March 16, 2010 was shown. Wayne Newton has a memory which is long and unforgiving. Johnny Carson did gay jokes about Newton and Newton confronted Carson. Later, Newton sued NBC for defamation, and ended up going bankrupt, but came back. There was an allusion to "Charlie the Penguin." His iicense plate is Vegas1.

Nancy Giles did Joe Friday's "Just the Facts Ma'am" in discussing the Shirley Sherrod matter. There was an allusion to Robert Byrd supporting the Ku Klux Klan in 1958. The last line: just get the facts.

An ad on the "language of chemistry," by Dow.

A piece on celebrity tell all books. Rachel Dratch on Joan Lunden. Humor taken from the actual texts of celebrity written books. Florence Henderson doing Pamela Anderson.

The final piece was on wild burros in the Black Mountains of western Arizona.

[Oatman, Arizona on the old Route 66 has wild burros roaming the streets.]


Ocean trash:

Kara Lavender Law, an oceanographer with the Sea Education Association at Woods Hole, Mass.


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