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"CBS Sunday Morning" on July 18, 2010: complete recycling from the past?

The previews given for CBS Sunday Morning on July 18, 2010 all reflected stories which had previously appeared, mostly on CBS Sunday Morning on October 25, 2009. The broadcast thus appears to be one of complete recycling. The cover story was "size matters" by Seth Doane. Martha Teichner followed with "body of work," on portrayal of art and the body beautiful. The third story was on Valerie Bertinelli by Tracy Smith. The fourth was on "fried" by Bill Geist, reporting on fried foods at the state fair of Texas. Later, McDonalds at the Louvre.

Jeff Glor rather than Charles Osgood did the news of July 18, 2010: Day 90 of the oil spill, suicide bombings, 46 dead in Baghdad; 4 people in Afg. Obama's back to Washington, DC to focus on Kagan nomination to the Supreme Court.
Zsa-Zsa Gabor hospitalized. Roman Polanski at Montro Jazz Festival. Forecast: hot. First six months of 2010 hottest on record.

**The July 18, 2010 is basically a re-do of a broadcast of October 25, 2009. From the cover story, text with Secretary Sebelius:

It's gotten so bad that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now estimates that one-third of American adults are overweight. Another third are obese.

It's an epidemic that's causing concern at the highest levels of government. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius calls the data "alarming."

"It has an impact at every step along the way, on costs and on quality of life, on a productive workforce," she told Doane. "We are really putting ourselves at a huge disadvantage in a global economy by having a nation that is vastly overweight."

"Really? Just for being too heavy?"

"You bet, you bet,' said Sebelius.

Dr. David Kessler was interviewed for The Axis of Food Evil: Fat, Sugar and Salt , which had been broadcast on October 25, 2009.

McDonald's in Paris: A Parisian Food Fight . After the US, France is the next largest consumer of McDonalds food. The piece discussed plus size model Velvet d'Amour.

Next was Rita Braver on the Duke Diet and Fitness Center. There was discussion of Qnexa. From the Los Angeles Times on July 15, 2010: An independent panel of FDA advisors on Thursday [July 15, 2010] voted narrowly to recommend against approval of a proposed new weight-loss drug, Qnexa. The drug agency, which is expected to make an up or down decision on the drug by October, is not bound by the advisory panel's 7-9 recommendation against approval. But the panel's views generally weigh heavily in the agency's final decision.

The Braver story on Oct. 25, 2009 had included:

In the meantime, there is a new generation of weight loss drugs that could be available soon, including Qnexa.

"Could this be the magic pill we're all waiting for?" Braver asked.

"I think there will be a number of effective treatments that become available; this will be one of them," Aronne said. "People who continued in this trial for one year lost between 13 and 15 percent of their body weight."

While they can have side effects, Aronne said the new drugs represent a better understanding of weight regulating systems in the body.

"Basically they work in the brain to reduce the sense of craving to increase your sense of fullness and to increase metabolic rates," Aronne told Braver.

Someone at "CBS Sunday Morning" did an update for the July 18, 2010 presentation to include reference to the recent FDA vote.

The Valerie Bertinelli piece: In Slim Role, Bertinelli Beats Back Bulge: "Actress and author Valerie Bertinelli is most famous - recently - for going on a diet, dropping 40 pounds and making her achievement public, posing for a camera in a bikini."

**Bill Geist's visit to the State Fair was previously broadcast on Oct 25, 2009. From DedhamRocks in October 2009: If anyone caught Bill Geist's piece this morning on CBS's Sunday Morning about his visit to the Texas State Fair, probably chuckled when they saw the "fried Oreo's" being sold at the concession truck. The big hit in Texas this year was fried butter!!

**The "moment of nature" at the end of "CBS Sunday Morning" of July 18, 2010 included images of pot-bellied pigs at the Rooterville Animal Sanctuary in Gainesville, Florida. Unmentioned was the involvement of law students in the sanctuary:

UF law students recently gave back to the community by spending their Saturday volunteering at Rooterville, a local animal sanctuary. Located in nearby Archer, Rooterville is home to nearly 100 pot-bellied pigs, most of which carry a similar history of abandonment and neglect. The sanctuary has other animals too, including a former farm pig that ironically had the good fortune of falling off a truck on the way to slaughter and wandering into the yard of a compassionate family who called upon Rooterville for help. Law students corralled animals for vaccinations, assisted with facility maintenance, and brushed the pigs, which, judging by their sounds and posture, was the animals’ favorite student contribution. Charles King, president of the Animal Law Association, says “in addition to the intrinsic rewards of volunteering, it was hard not to develop an increased awareness of the sentient characteristics these animals displayed. They showed us that they can be playful, thankful, and even mischievous. In this era of animal commoditization, our existing laws should be evaluated to recognize this and provide minimum standards of humane protection.” [from FlaLawOnline]

Rooterville a Sanctuary Inc. is home to over 100 rescued animals, most of whom are pot bellied pigs.


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