Sunday, June 13, 2010

CBS Sunday Morning recycles on 13 June 2010

A preview of CBS Sunday Morning for June 13 included:

A tale of crime and punishment by Seth Doane; and Kelly Cobiella profiles country music star Dierks Bentley.

Plus: Tony Award nominee Angela Lansbury, beetles as art, Larry Bird & Magic Johnson, and blind golfing!

The lead story on "CBS Sunday Morning" on 13 June 2010 was The Slow Death of the Death Penalty. Ronnie Lee Gardner killed one person and later killed an attorney and will be the 30th person to die in 2010. Richard Dieter is interviewed. The slow death of the death penalty: 52 executions in 2009. 85% executions are in the South (half in Texas). In 2010, 63% of US favor death penalty. Gaile Owens on death row for 24 hours. Kelly Henry is a federal public defender; case of worst possible defense you could have. Mary Winkler case, voluntary manslaughter, and appeared on Oprah.
NY Law School prof Robert Blecher.

As to "Sunday Morning Almanac"--> June 13, 1884, first roller coaster. LaMarcus Thompson at Coney Island. 1500 coasters in the 1920's. 1977 Annie Hall/Thunderbolt. Now: 600 coasters.

Then CBS Sunday Morning lapsed into recycling.

The "bugs as art" story previously appeared. John Blackstone interviewed Christopher Marley in a "Sunday Morning" that previously appeared on January 12, 2010.

The next story was on Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, a story which had previously appeared on CBS Sunday Morning on 1 November 2009, including the snippets: Knock out his two front teeth. One man highlight show.

The next story was on Flag Day. Skip Garibaldi of Emory on flag redesign. No good pattern for 69 stars, and 87 stars.

Sunday Morning noted the demise of "Little Orphan Annie" as of 13 June 2010, which comic strip had appeared since August 5, 1924. Little Orphan Otto was the initial game plan. The empty eyes were a trademark, of sorts. The butcher of the Balkans is in the last episode.

The Angela Lansbury story, complete with Viagra quote, appeared on CBS Sunday Morning on 6 December 2009:

KATIE COURIC: And Angela Lansbury on Viagra.

ANGELA LANSBURY: Women don`t have anything like that. Well, they`re beginning to now apparently--

KATIE COURIC (overlapping): They are trying to develop something along those lines apparently.

ANGELA LANSBURY: They are trying to develop something. Yes, I hear they are, yes, yes.

KATIE COURIC: Well, this has taken an odd turn, hasn`t it?

**Ben Stein gave advise to college graduates, in a piece titled
How to Live: Follow Your Heart, Risk Be Damned
Happy in life?
Happy ones: they made a decision to live. decided to do what their hearts told them to do. Work incredibly hard and living on the edge. Decide to live. Choose to live a life you want to live.
[This was probably the most important information on the June 13 show and it was Ben Stein recycling advice he got from his "shrink."]


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