Monday, May 24, 2010

Last episode of Law & Order

Included within a discussion of the last episode of "Law & Order" [ Rubber Room on 24 May 2010 ] is the line

"Law & Order" has become, to be as unromantic as possible about it, a triumph of what is now popularly called "branding" ..

Law & Order had trademarks at several levels, including the signature music and the half law/half order format. At some level, it was an updated, and more complex, "Dragnet." However, there was no "Dragnet" without Jack Webb but "Law & Order" escaped actor/show branding.

Lindsey Vonn, whose parents are lawyers, is on the episode.

There were 456 episodes over a record tying 20 seasons (Gunsmoke also had 20; the Simpsons, a nondrama have had more).

Law & Order: tort fable?

NBC on Law & Order


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