Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jeffrey Lange's Fifteen Minutes of Fame

With the SuperBowl coming to New Jersey in 2014, the New York Times had an article resurrecting the famous snowball game of December 23, 1995. The NYT noted:

One man became the public face of this unruly game. A picture snapped by an Associated Press photographer, showing him standing up in midhurl, was published everywhere. The Giants organization posted a $1,000 reward to find that man.

Callers identified him as Jeffrey Lange, 26, and the police rounded him up.

Years later, one would have a similar "manhunt" for the Rutgers grad student who screwed up Newark Airport traffic by walking back through a security checkpoint. Not many people remember that fellow's name. Lange, who then lived in Readington, just west of Bridgewater on Route 22, became much better known.

The NYT article featured a blog post by one Weinstein on a retrospective on Lange. Blog posts can become newsworthy of the NYT. IPBiz is waiting for a blog post to become prior art, and then to have a controversy about "when" it was posted.

According to the NYT, Lange is still in New Jersey.

"The 2014 Super Bowl will be the first to be played in an open air stadium in a cold weather region." from

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