Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"How does it feel to be in the murder business, Miss Hart?"

For the first time in her lifetime on NCIS, M. Allison Hart (played by Rena Sofer), patent lawyer, and generally controlling lawyer, is placed in a rather defensive position in the episode "Patriot Down."

In the subtheme of the 20 year old murder in Mexico, Abby tells Gibbs: No one needs to know the truth in the Hernandez investigation, but Gibbs gives no request to obscure the truth.

The evidence suggests that Jason Paul Dean (Dylan Bruno), employed by First Defense, the company of Colonel Bell, killed Agent Macy. Director Vance gets to grill M. Allison Hart, and asks what the hell is going on. "Do you care about Gibbs? Then tell me what patriot Bell is up to. Revenge, blackmail, leverage?" But things are not so simple.

At the end, the body in the Mexican sand is not Franks, but Bell. Did the drug dealer do it?

The following NCIS: LA show alluded to Agent Macy's murder in Annapolis.


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