Sunday, May 02, 2010

CBS still recycling

CBS Sunday Morning on 2 May 2010 recycled not one but two stories from the CBS Nightly News on 1 May 2010, one on the Louisiana oil spill and one on the Arizona immigration law. The two stories on May 2 were copies. Ironically, in a letters piece on Sunday, responding to a criticism that CBS Sunday Morning does not post all its stories on its website, Osgood cited copyright concerns. Could it be that CBS won't license to CBS?

Separately, in an odd twist, the last Sunday Morning "news" piece was a review of sorts of the movie Birdemic (done by James Nguyen and rejected by Sundance), followed by the trademark nature endpiece, this week of birds in a (now-threatened) nature preserve in Louisiana. Endangering birds to endangered birds?

In an earlier story on May 2, Sunday Morning talked about the first commercial passenger jet, the Comet, which went into service with BOAC on 2 May 1952. Problem is that the Comet had a bit of a safety issue. Following some early problems, on 10 January 1954, a Comet (BOAC flight 781) disintegrated in flight. By the time the safety issues had been worked out, the Boeing 707 rendered the Comet obsolete. This is another example of a "first mover advantage that wasn't."

[Curiously, a military analog of the Comet, the Nimrod, is still in service.]


de Havilland Comet


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