Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Tomorrow belongs to me"?

The episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on 22 April 2010 titled World's End had a Nazi-related theme. [Note song "Tomorrow Belongs to Me" performed by students in uniforms wherein the teacher says: a romantic dream; you've got to do it like you have genocide on your minds, tho there's a more intense line later about banana eaters]

In the real world, in Hamilton Township, NJ, on 20 April 2010, a man with a Nazi armband crossed WhiteHorse-Mercerville Road, going toward the library.
[For a picture, and commentary, see OK nazi or not a nazi ]

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from wikipedia on Cabaret:

The rise of the Nazis and their increasing influence on German society is dramatically demonstrated in the beer garden scene: A boy—only his face seen—sings to the seated guests what first seems an innocent lyrical song about the beauties of nature. This gradually becomes the strident "Tomorrow Belongs To Me" as the camera shifts to show that the boy is wearing a brown Hitler Youth uniform and lifts his hand in the Nazi salute. One by one, nearly all guests in the beer garden get up and voluntarily join in the singing and saluting.

***As a headsup, the plotline on the janitor's identity has been borrowed from another tv show. If one applied plagiarism standards of academe to tv, everyone would be expelled.


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