Friday, April 02, 2010

Posner, as lawyer, ridiculed

In the context of allegations by Miami New Times of ADDITIONAL plagiarism by Gerald Posner in Miami Babylon,
Posner made a response, to which a commenter made an observation of "Posner as lawyer":

Posner's training as a lawyer is visible in his responses. Notice how he writes: "Today's article also includes instances of alleged 'new problems.' As always, I stand by the accuracy of each and every interview I conducted, more than 200, for Miami Babylon" The 'new problems' presumably refers to the altered quotes – each of which was altered relative to the written source it was taken from. There’s no viable defense here – these are clearly deliberate falsifications of the quotes. He’s on losing ground. So he switches the topic to his interviews – which we don’t have access to – and claims that the interviews are accurate

A different commenter brought up Posner's authorship of "Case Closed":

There's a delicious irony here. Posner has built his career by bashing conspiracy theories (e.g. regarding the JFK and MLK assassinations), and yet now he's invoking a conspiracy theory - that the recent stories about his malfeasance are just due to a conspiracy of people out to get him because of Miami Babylon.

IPBiz has earlier discussed the Lanham Act cases brought by people criticized by Posner/publishers in the advertising for "Case Closed."

Earlier IPBiz post:

Posner snagged for plagiarism, again

**Separately, on the subject of plagiarism, Ghost Whisperer on 2 April 2010 had
"On Thin Ice," which showed that ghosts can haunt plagiarists.


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