Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Odd Horten learns from inventor posing as diplomat

In the Norwegian film O'Horten, the character Trygve Sissener passes himself off as a diplomat who has an inventor brother diagnosed as a schizophrenic (but who may be merely shy). The brother held a patent on a sewing machine to sew up people, but no one would buy it.

As viewers learn, Trygve was the problematic inventor and his brother Steiner Sissener is the diplomat. Trygve, the inventor, dies in the movie while driving a Citroen blindfolded, tho not directly because of driving blindfolded. The protagonist Odd Horten has a life change BECAUSE OF his odd encounter with the inventor.

To some, this movie might appear more coherent than "patent reform 2010" or S. 515.

Sadly, none of the discussion of inventorship within the movie appears in the wikipedia account.

**Separately, on theater of the absurd

Patent Absurdity , with Jim Bessen and others


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