Monday, April 26, 2010

More on Kagan role in Tribe plagiarism

In a post titled Supreme Court: Kagan Accused of Plagiarism Scandal Whitewash, the Institute for Public Accuracy brings up past discussion of Elena Kagan's role in the plagiarism by Laurence Tribe.

One does not expect this story to get much traction. Joe Biden copied five pages of a law review article into a first year paper at Syracuse Law School and almost no one remembered or cared.

The IPA post notes: Both Tribe and Ogletree taught Obama at Harvard

Separately, like Michelle Obama and Justice Sotomayor, Kagan was an undergrad at Princeton (degree 1981). She became a professor at University of Chicago Law School in 1991, and likely overlapped with Barack Obama at UChicago after 1994. (As a disclaimer, LBE was at UChicago Law, but did not talk to Prof. Kagan, but did talk to Lessig, among others).

So, yes, Obama knows Tribe, Ogletree, and Kagan from a time well before his political rise.

Prior IPBiz post:

Pure and irresponsible speculation on the blogger's part


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