Sunday, April 04, 2010

Looking backward

In the preface to his book JobShift in 1994, William Bridges wrote critically of a suggested bounceback in the auto industry:

{Newspaper report] Consumer demand may be
"bouncing back" and "manufacturers may have no choice
but to add to their payrolls," according to one story. "That
is especially true in the auto industry ...[where] many laid-off
workers are likely to be called back."

That news will likely come
as a surprise to the hundreds of thousands of workers in
auto and auto-related manufacturing who have no chance of
getting their jobs back, even if the economy enters its biggest
boom in 25 years. Their jobs are gone for good.

Flash forward to 2010. Portions of Detroit are literally
ghost towns, suggested for use in urban farming efforts
[go about one hour nine minutes into video]
The last auto plant in California shut down in 2010.

"It's bound to scare ya, boy."


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