Saturday, April 03, 2010

DNA evidence unreliable?

Buried within several stories in The Trentonian of April 3, 2010 under the huge headline "Rapists' Rite?", about the "jitterbug rapes" in Trenton, one has an allusion to Robin Lord and DNA evidence:

As argued on Thursday [April 1] by famed defense lawyer Robin Lord, [Mark] Fury also said DNA evidence can be unreliable.

IPBiz would not bet the ranch on that one.

Robin Lord defended Jonathan Nyce in the case involving the murder of Nyce's wife.

Nyce is currently submitting patent applications from prison.

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[As one footnote to the story, the 15 year old is NOT sister to the seven year old. As one other footnote,
the Trentonian got a jab in at the Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission, who had released Gregory Leary, who is currently the only person charged in the rapes at Rowan Towers. The Trentonian wrote: "But Leary is the latest in the long line of graduates to get into serious adult trouble after winning release from a lockup of the JJC, which refers to its inmates as residents and call their cells rooms."


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